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Find a Venezuelan Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Find a Venezuelan Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Contrary to common belief, Venezuelans emigrate not only to escape multiple serious difficulties they face in their home country. Venezuelan marriage emigration is seriously underrated—in fact, Venezuelan women are some of the most popular Latin brides in the international dating market. Though most marry men from the United States, a serious number of Venezuelan ladies date and marry British guys. 

So, is the chance of meeting beautiful Venezuelan brides on a dating site real? What are the pitfalls and potential difficulties? How much does it cost to meet a Venezuelan woman, start a relationship, and marry her? You’ll find all the answers here.  

3 best Venezuelan mail-order bride & dating sites for UK singles

Let us answer one of the most common questions right away. Yes, men can easily find Venezuelan mail-order brides, and the easiest way to do it is to choose one of the reputable online dating sites or mail-order bride sites with good features, real members, and reasonable prices. Our experts have chosen the best platforms that meet all these criteria and are legal in the UK. 

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Each of these sites has its key advantage, a unique set of features, and special offers. You can learn more about the platforms (find detailed information in our in-depth reviews) and choose the option that suits you best. 

Venezuelan mail-order brides: Modern concept

Many people believe that mail-order brides are women who agree to marry foreign men in exchange for certain benefits, for example, financial compensation of any kind, opportunity to immigrate, etc. Moreover, it’s considered that mail-order wives are mostly Asian women or girls from Eastern Europe. This perspective takes its roots in the history of mail-order brides.

In the 17th century, European women who were the first mail-order brides indeed agreed to come to the US to marry settlers in exchange for certain opportunities—land, money, or stability. The scheme worked, and soon, men started marrying women from Asia as well. 

Later, the first marriage agencies emerged, and they helped foreign brides and Westerners meet each other and exchange letters. In the late 90s, there was a Slavic bride boom, and only after that did men start looking for Latin brides. 

This segment of the dating market has changed a lot with the rapid development of the Internet. More and more dating sites with Latin brides were launched, and the technology has changed the approach itself.

Mari Kovanen

Modern Venezuelan mail-order brides are women who voluntarily join international dating platforms and mail-order bride sites. They communicate with potential partners directly, search for them based on their own criteria, and don’t receive any financial compensation. The main reason why Venezuelan ladies make such a decision is a strong desire to find a decent partner and a belief that they have a better chance to do it overseas, in particular, in the UK. 


Must-know statistics about Venezuelan women

find a Venezuelan wife

Should you find a Venezuelan wife or consider another country for finding a future spouse? In order to answer this question, you should take into account multiple factors—local dating culture, national traits and characteristics, and statistics that show what the society your potential wife is from is really like. 

We’ve found some interesting figures that may help you better understand Venezuelan society, so take a look. 

  • According to a recent survey, over 53% of households in Venezuela are led by women. 
  • Women outnumber men by around 300,000 in Venezuela.
  • Venezuela is one of the countries with the lowest divorce rates. It records only 0.7% divorces per 1,000 inhabitants.  
  • Women in Venezuela get married at a pretty young age. Currently, the mean age at first marriage is just 22.7
  • The fertility rate is high—today, it’s 2.21 births per woman. 

Consider this information before you start looking for mail-order brides online. Though statistics can’t explain what to expect from every Venezuelan girl, they can show what kind of society they come from.

🇻🇪 Meet a Venezuelan lady online

✔️ Verified
Genesis, 40
Genesis, 40
Venezuela, Bolivar
🌐 Online
Ana, 39
Ana, 39
Venezuela, Barquisimeto
✔️ Verified
Yeimy, 36
Yeimy, 36
🌐 Online
Palmira Valentina, 32
Palmira Valentina, 32
Maracaibo, Venezuela
🌐 Online
Dayana, 25
Dayana, 25
Venezuela, Mérida
fashion designer
🌐 Online
Orianis, 23
Orianis, 23
Venezuela, Londres
Hot ‎️‍🔥
Deyanira, 42
Deyanira, 42
Venezuela, Bolivar
Hot ‎️‍🔥
Marella, 35
Marella, 35
Venezuela, Caracas
Cabin crew
✔️ Verified
Morelys, 44
Morelys, 44
Venezuela, Caracas
public accountant

Yes, absolutely. As we’ve noted previously, Venezuelan mail-order brides aren’t involved in any illegal activity. The market itself has nothing to do with human trafficking or sex work—it’s just about providing online dating services and letting people from different countries build relationships online. 

Just like all other foreign citizens, Venezuelan women can apply for a marriage visa to the UK. Plus, in 2008, the so-called PPR law, which made it nearly impossible for foreign marriage migrants to enter the UK on a marriage visa, was abolished.

It became a lot easier for everyone to enter the country to start families. Once Venezuelan brides arrive, they get six months to marry their British partners, and after that, Venezuelan wives can apply for permanent residence.  

How much are Venezuelan mail-order wives?

First, we’d like to stress that there are no Venezuelan girls for sale. As we’ve noted before, you can meet Venezuelan women who are looking for foreign husbands online, but they’re not compensated for their choice in any way. 

If so, does it mean that dating Venezuelan brides will be entirely free? Not exactly. If your main goal is to find a wife in Venezuela, you’ll need to spend money on online dating services, trips, and visas. That’s what people usually call the cost of a mail-order bride. 

So, how much will British men spend on finding, dating, and marrying a Venezuelan girl? Here are our calculations: 

  • Online dating services—around £600
  • Round-trip flight to Brazil (the country that borders Venezuela and is much safer)—£700
  • Three-week stay in Brazil—£1,500
  • Marriage visa to the UK—£1,800
  • Minimum cost of gifts & wedding—£1,000
  • Total—£5,600

As you can see, we provided travel costs for Brazil, and that’s just one of the options—visiting Venezuela isn’t safe, and you are free to choose any country to meet a Venezuelan girl. 

❗ Note these are the approximate minimum costs of meeting, dating, and marrying a Venezuelan woman. It can be much higher or a bit lower, depending on the choices you make, and we’re going to share some recommendations on how to optimize your expenses below. 

💻 How much for online dating with Venezuelan women? 

First, we’d like to stress that we’re not going to consider mainstream dating apps. Though you still have a chance to find a Venezuelan bride on Tinder, such dating platforms aren’t designed for international daters, and if you choose them, a lot will depend on luck. 

On niche sites (international dating platforms with Latin and foreign singles or mail-order bride sites), members usually buy credits instead of membership plans, which means that estimating the total cost you’ll spend is quite hard. 

The costs of credits, as well as the costs of services you can spend them on, vary greatly. For example, on LatiDate, you can get 35 credits for just around £2, while on ColombiaLady, you’ll spend nearly £3 on just 2 credits. Still, if we take a closer look at the policies of both sites, we’ll see that LatiDate isn’t ten times cheaper than ColombiaLady just because messaging on this site will cost more credits. 

On both sites, you can expect to spend £100-£120 per month, and that’s the average cost of using such services. Still, a lot will depend on what communication features you are using, how many Venezuelan girls you are contacting, and how much time you need to find your Venezuelan bride and start a real relationship. 

✈️ Cost of trips—The most complex calculations? 

In the case of Venezuela, calculating the cost of trips isn’t so simple. We wouldn’t recommend visiting a Venezuelan woman in her home country—that’s just not safe. Therefore, you’ll need to choose another country both of you can visit. 

We chose Brazil because it’s geographically close to Venezuela, which is why it’ll be easier for the bride to go there, and the total cost of the trip will be cheaper. For the man, Brazil may also be an interesting place to visit. 

Nonetheless, you can choose any other country or invite your bride to the UK. The total sum of money you’ll spend in this case will depend on your choice, the frequency and duration of your trips, as well as on your traveling preferences. 

📋 How much for a visa? 

Venezuelan women, just like all other foreign citizens who are going to marry British citizens, need to apply for marriage visas. If your girlfriend is already in the UK, a visa will cost you £1,000. If she’s applying from Venezuela or another country, it will cost you £1,800.

Note that you and your partner will have six months to get married after she arrives in the UK, and then, your Venezuelan wife will be able to apply for a permanent residence status.  

❤️ Gifts, dates & wedding

In this case, it all depends on you. You don’t have to send gifts to Venezuelan brides you meet online to get a chance for a relationship with one of them. It’s completely up to you, but we’d recommend spending money rationally, especially considering that gifts on dating sites (yes, some even provide international delivery services) are more expensive. 

The same goes for a wedding. It may cost more than all other services you’ll need to use to find a Venezuelan wife. So, if you’re on a budget, consider choosing a dinner at a restaurant for two instead of a big wedding. 

Success stories who found Venezuelan love through mail-order bride services in the UK

Venezuelan wife
Veronica and Harry

My wife is Venezuelan, so I guess I know something about Venezuelans. I realize I can’t generalize things, but I hope my story will help someone get rid of stereotypes and maybe look at this country from a different perspective. 

I met my wife seven years ago online. I wasn’t looking for a wife, but I saw a cute girl’s profile with all my favorite movies and music genres listed in her bio and decided to give it a try. In a week, I decided to meet her, and we scheduled a date in Italy (I insisted as I had always dreamed of visiting Rome). 

Then, she came to visit me in the UK twice, and I proposed. Everyone said that she just needed a visa, that Venezuelans are easy, and that she’ll leave me once she meets a hot guy at a gym. 

Again, it’s been seven years. We have a wonderful daughter. My wife has never made me jealous, and she’s the most loving and caring woman I could possibly meet. Yes, Venezuelans are now facing hard times, but don’t think that they just want to leave. Sometimes, it’s about love. 

How to communicate with Venezuelan women

Venezuelan woman

If you’re considering dating Venezuelan women, you’ll definitely need some insights into the local dating culture. Below, you can see the most helpful recommendations that will allow you to win the heart of a Venezuelan girl and avoid mistakes foreigners usually make: 

  1. Don’t put any pressure on a Venezuelan girl, and don’t expect her to be punctual. 
  2. Passion is important, so if you are usually concealing your emotions, try to express your feelings more openly and frequently. 
  3. Show interest in her personality, but don’t forget to compliment her appearance. 
  4. Don’t talk politics, and don’t say anything bad about Venezuela. 
  5. Show her you are the person she’ll be able to rely on. 

And here’s the bonus tip—never act like one of the Western womanizers or guys who think that if they have money or are British, they’ll easily get a woman. That’s what most Venezuelans find absolutely annoying, so don’t expect them to tolerate such behavior. 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.