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AsianMelodies is one of the oldest and biggest sites that may help a single person living in the US or another Western country meet someone in Asia. By someone, I actually mean someone—the site isn’t promoted and positioned as the site with profiles of Asian mail-order brides only. A woman, as well as a man, will be accepted even if they’re not sure whether they’d like to get married in the near future. 

I decided to see what the site offers with my own eyes. It’s been over a month since I set up my account, and now I’m going to share my opinion of the platform and its features in this AsianMelodies review.

Monthly visits338K
Price£0.10 to £0.40 per credit
Average age of members38
Best forMeeting new people in Asia
Cross-cultural communication 
Finding romantic partners in other countries
Favorite featuresFeed and followers
Online messenger
Introductory videos from members
Virtual gifts

AsianMelodies overview in 1 minute

  • Online dating site for Asian singles and Westerners
  • No restrictions on relationship goals and purpose of using the site—everyone can join the community for free
  • Most registered members are seeking romantic relationships 
  • There’s no need to pay for accessing profiles, using any search feature, or using some basic communication features
  • Members need to pay for direct communication, for example, for having live chats or Mails sent to others
  • Using premium features will cost credits; costs start at £2.30 for 20 credits 
  • There are bonuses and discounts for newcomers 
  • Members can not only use standard dating site features but also follow each other and share posts
  • No app yet, but the website is mobile-optimized

How much does AsianMelodies cost?

Though you don’t have to upgrade your account right after you create it, most members still prefer to get more credits once they run out of their welcome bonus (now, all newcomers get 20 free credits). They can top up their balance at any time, and when I was using the site, the prices were as follows: 

  • 20 credits — £7.90 (only £2.30 for newly registered users)
  • 50 credits — £15.80
  • 125 credits — £35.50
  • 250 credits — £55.30
  • 750 credits — £118.50

Note that only the member can decide when to buy more credits. There’s an Automatic Top-Up feature though. You need to manually turn it on to get credits bought once you run out of them, but I’d recommend ensuring it’s off. 

AsianMelodies cost

Free and premium services on AsianMelodies 

So, all features on the site can be divided into two main categories: free and premium services. 

Free features

  • Registration & profile upgrade. You don’t have to pay to see what the site has to offer. Setting up an account and adding any details and files is completely free. 
  • Search features & lists of Favorites. There are multiple search features, all available to both free and paying users. There’s no opportunity to save searchers, but you can add profiles of people you like to your lists of Favorites. 
  • Following others & access to Feed. As I’ve noted previously, AsianMelodies can work as a social networking site, too, and there’s no need to spend credits on following someone, viewing posts, or liking them. 
  • Winks and likes. If you send them, a receiver will understand that you’re interested in a conversation with them. So they can like you, too, and that’s how you both ensure that the interest is mutual. 
  • Support. It’s free, rather fast, and available 24/7. 
View posts on the Feed on AsianMelodies

Premium features

  • Messaging and emails. These are the two main communication features on the AsianMelodies website. 
  • Media file exchange, sending custom stickers and emojis. Both communication tools let you not only send text but also videos, photos, and audio files. 
  • Greeting messages—Say Hello feature. There are standard greeting messages you can choose from, and any of them will cost you less than a custom message, let alone a long and meaningful email. 
  • Access to profile videos. You pay nothing for viewing profile photos, but if you click on a profile video, you’ll be charged some credits. 
  • Virtual gifts. There’s a quite impressive selection, but gifts aren’t cheap. 
Virtual gifts on the AsianMelodies website

As you can see, there are quite many things that you can do on the site, and not all of them will cost you real money. Actual conversations, however, aren’t free, so taking a close look at the price list (can be found on the Credit page) definitely makes sense. 

How does AsianMelodies work?

Is AsianMelodies legit? Yes, it is. The site has many features, detailed profiles (I’ll talk about them in more detail later), and a system that actually works. Speaking of the system, though it’s rather complex, we can still distinguish a few main processes that take place on the site.

Setting up an account or why self-representation matters
On the one hand, the team at AsianMelodies tried to make the process really simple. You can share some basic information (a valid email address, name, gender, and age), get your AsianMelodies login, create a password, proceed to the quiz, and skip most questions if you aren’t in the mood to give thoughtful answers right now. Still, if you’re going to succeed on the AsianMelodies dating site, I wouldn’t recommend skipping anything. Your profile must be detailed enough, your bio should be long and meaningful, and you should have enough photos. That’s just the necessary minimum to be able to compete with others.
Search process
As I’ve noted previously, all search features on AsianMelodies.com are free to use. And the selection is great—you basically just need to choose the most effective search tool based on your goals and preferences. Have specific search criteria? Apply filters? Want to see what the site offers based on your preferences? Use the search feature. Want to see random matches? View posts on the Feed and follow people you like.
Note that on such sites, members usually start with messaging. It’s cheap and rather convenient, and most importantly, it allows you to see whether you’ve met the right person. If you like your new acquaintance, you can use more advanced features to build an emotional connection. It can be anything: videos, audio messages, virtual gifts, etc.

That’s how AsianMelodies works, and what I appreciate most is that this is one of the rare sites that let you customize your experience depending on your relationship goals. 

AsianMelodies profile examples

It’s not so easy to find a low-effort profile on AsianMelodies.com, and it’s nearly impossible to find an empty page. Most profiles on the site look like this one.

AsianMelodies profile
AsianMelodies profile example

As you can see, there’s a bio (not the lengthiest one, I must admit), multiple photos, a video, and most importantly, posts that show that a user is active on the site. 

Summary from Mari Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

Hopefully, I read enough AsianMelodies reviews written by others and spent enough time on the site to be able to draw conclusions. Of course, my opinion will remain more or less subjective. All in all, I believe Asian Melodies is a rather good website that may be very effective for certain categories of users but too expensive and even useless for others. 


Will it work for a guy looking for a Vietnamese bride? And what about men looking for Filipino brides? Yes, even though it’s not positioned as a mail-order bride site, it may work. It’s also a pretty good option for those who are curious about international dating, those who want to find an Asian partner and see how it goes, and those who are seeking something more than just a standard dating site with texting as a main communication feature. But it’s definitely not a free or even a cheap site, and it’s likely to be completely ineffective for people seeking casual relationships and affairs. They are just very unlikely to find any matches. 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.