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LoveForHeart is one of the relatively new sites where people from different countries are supposed to find their love overseas quickly, easily, and at a reasonable price. There are quite many platforms with similar concepts, but this one could withstand the competition. 

That’s why I decided to join this community and see what exactly makes it stand out. You can find my opinion of the community and features, costs, and some insights in this LoveForHeart review.

Monthly visits130K
PriceFrom £2.30 for 35 credits
Average age of members42
Best forFinding a perfect match in Europe
Serious romantic relationships
Communication, flirting, dating, cross-cultural marriage
Favorite featuresMessenger & Letters
Detailed profiles
Public albums
Video messaging

LoveForHeart overview in 1 minute

  • LoveForHeart was launched a few years ago and was positioned as the website for people seeking love and serious relationships overseas
  • It falls under the category of websites with European brides—though a man can meet a girl from Milan or Berlin here, most still come from Eastern and Central Europe
  • Most men come from the United States, while most women come from Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic
  • Registration is completely free for both men and women 
  • All newcomers get a bonus of 30 free credits and can use standard features
  • Private messaging falls under the category of premium features 
  • Members, in particular, male users who want to use special services need to buy credits instead of premium plans
  • The costs of credits start at around 2 pounds for 35 credits 
  • The user is the only one who controls the spending and decides when to top up their balance
  • There’s no mobile app at the moment, but mobile users can browse the site on nearly any mobile browser and device

How much does LoveForHeart cost?

So, when you set up an account on LoveForHeart.com, you don’t have to pay right away. Moreover, you’re given a bonus—30 free credits that work like a free trial for those who want to test the service before spending money on messaging. 

But once you run out of your free credits, you’ll need to get more—of course, if you like the service and want to keep using it. In this case, you’ll be able to choose among the following packs: 

  • 35 credits — £10.35 (only £2.30 for first-time buyers)
  • 50 credits — £15.15
  • 100 credits — £26.30
  • 250 credits — £59.80
  • 400 credits — £79.70
  • 1,000 credits — £159.45

Note that there may be special seasonal discounts and offers for regular members.

Free and premium services on LoveForHeart 

There are quite many things you don’t have to pay for on LoveForHeart, namely: 

  • Registration and profile upgrade. You don’t pay for anything—neither for an opportunity to add more photos nor for adding more details to create a competitive profile. Also, on LoveForHeart, members don’t have to share their payment details at such early stages of using the site. 
  • Access to profiles. You can browse as many profiles as you want to without spending a single credit. The best thing is all photos will be shown—there are no secret albums with premium access. 
  • Advanced search and the Like feature. There are quite many useful search filters, all available to both Standard and Premium users for free. The Like swiping feature is also free to use. 
  • Watching 1 video a day. There’s a gallery with introductory videos from members, and you can watch one without spending credits. 
  • Sending Say Hello messages, winks, and likes. Unlike many other sites, LoveForHeart lets you let someone know you’re interested in further communication without paying by sending a like or even a standard message. 

And here are the services you’ll need to spend some credits on: 

  • Live chat and Letters. Both communication features work equally well. You only need to decide which is more convenient and cost-effective for you personally. 
  • Audio and video messaging, exchange of media files. You can spend some extra credits and send a photo, audio message, or video message. There are some custom stickers as well. 
  • Watching unlimited videos. Paying members can watch as many videos as they want to, but each following video will cost them some real money. 
Audio and video messaging, exchange of media files

Is LoveForHeart legit? Considering the variety and quality of features, as well as the quality of profiles (I’m going to discuss it in more detail later), yes, it’s a legit international dating platform. 

How does LoveForHeart work?

The entire dating process on the site can be divided into three main stages:

Setting up an account and representing yourself to others
As I’ve noted previously, it’s completely free. If you want to get started, you only need to browse the official website, find the registration form and fill it in. Only basic details like your email (will also be your LoveForHeart login), name, age, and gender. After that, you’ll be able to add any information about yourself—there are two instead of one profile sections where you can freely express your thoughts about relationships, mention things that you are looking for in a partner, and tell others important facts about yourself and your life.
Finding people to communicate with
Generally speaking, you can choose between two main features—extended search and the LIke swiping feature. Swiping works best for those who want to see more random members (users will still be chosen by algorithms) while extended search filters will definitely be more effective for those who know exactly what they are looking for in a partner.
Building emotional connections to meet your goal
At this stage, you’ll need to make even more important choices. There are a lot of attractive users on the site and quite many communication features to use. You’ll need to choose between instant messaging and Letters. Try audio and video messaging once you ensure you like your new acquaintance and want to build a deeper connection with them.

All in all, it’s a site for people seeking serious relationships. Nearly all LoveForHeart members I’ve been communicating with were interested in long-term romance, but still, like on any other site, there were more or less motivated people, people who like you and who aren’t interested in you so much. 

Try to act rational, make your own choices, and always consider the options you have on this site. LoveForHeart allows you to develop and customize your dating strategy to have the best experience possible.

LoveForHeart profile examples

You’ll hardly find any LoveForHeart reviews where members would complain about the quality of profiles, which is often the case with mainstream apps. At least I couldn’t find any, and I also failed to find any low-effort or obviously fake accounts. 

Most profiles on the site look like this one. 

LoveForHeart profile
LoveForHeart profile example

As you can see, there are quite many photos and all the useful details (you can apply extended search filters and search for your perfect match by these criteria). The most important are the Self-Summary, a detailed self-description of a user, and the Looking For section with a detailed description of one’s relationship expectations. 

Summary from Mari Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

So, what’s the verdict of my LoveForHeart.com review? First and foremost, I believe it’s a rather interesting website that may work for a specific category of users. First of all, these are people who are serious about settling down. For example, this may be the men seeking Czech brides or Ukrainian mail-order brides, or European singles seeking foreign husbands. 


Second of all, these are people who are ready to pay for higher-quality features—a gallery with videos from members, advanced search and communication features, better moderation, etc. Finally, these are people who set up accounts on the site, claimed their bonus, tested the service, and ensured that everything from interface to profiles seemed right to them. After all, it’s never just about objective characteristics but also about personal preferences.

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.