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Find a Filipino Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Find a Filipino Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Marriage migration rates in the UK are growing. In 2022, over 242,000 foreign nationals entered the country to marry locals. Moreover, according to researchers, Filipino brides are the third most popular brides among all Asian women. 

There are a lot of myths about them, though. In this article, we’re going to dispel them. How much are Filipino brides? Is finding a wife in the Philippines legal? You’ll find all the answers here. 

3 best Filipino mail-order bride & dating sites for UK singles

Many men are actively looking online for Filipino brides for marriage—it’s cheaper, faster, and more convenient than doing it offline. However, you need a good site, and our experts have chosen the three top platforms that are 100% legal in the UK. 


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Which is likely to work best for you? Read detailed reviews of every site and then make your choice. 

Filipino mail-order brides: Modern concept

Who is a modern Filipina wife? It’s important to forget all the myths and relics of the past and focus on how the mail-order bride business is functioning today. And basically, it’s just a dating business. 

A modern Filipino mail-order bride is a woman who wants to get married, is actively looking for a partner, and prefers foreign men. Usually, she has her reasons for that, and they aren’t related to money or migration. In most cases, the motivation is explained by social, cultural, and personal reasons. Women from the Philippines search for future spouses online—on specialized dating sites and mail-order bride websites. 

Statistics you didn’t know about Filipino women

Filipino mail-order bride

Want to know the truth about Filipino mail-order brides? Numbers never lie, so take a look at a few interesting statistical facts: 

  • Among over 13,000 intermarriages, 94% of Filipino women married non-Filipino citizens compared to just around 6% of men. 
  • The median age of marriage for Filipino women is now 28 years old. 
  • There are 100,000 more female senior high graduates than male graduates in the Philippines. 
  • The fertility rate in the Philippines is now 2.4 births per woman. 

Just like any other society, Filipino society is changing, too. The age of marriage is now older, women prefer to enter universities and colleges, but the fertility rate is still high, and the family values are still strong. Local singles just often choose foreign partners, which is why the Philippines is considered to be the best place to find a wife in 2024. 

Let’s start with the way the law sees women migrating to the country to get married. For the government, there’s no difference between couples who meet online and offline. A foreign partner should simply meet specific requirements to get a foreign partner visa

Of course, there are no exceptions for Filipino women. If your relationship is authentic and there are no problems with your documents, a Filipino bride will be able to enter the country, get married within six months, and then apply for permanent resident status. 

Find hot Filipino brides online

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How much are Filipino mail-order wives?

The so-called online brides are real, but it doesn’t mean men can buy them. Filipino brides for sale are just a myth. In reality, a man pays for multiple services, and you can see the main calculations below.

  • Cost of using a premier dating site — £600
  • Round-trip flight from London to Manila — £500
  • Three-week stay in the Philippines — £1,100
  • Visa for a bride — £1,800
  • Spending on romance — £1,000
  • Total — £5,000

It’s the minimum cost. Filipino mail-order brides prices may be higher, and it depends on your choices and preferences. Below, we explain the main factors that may influence this cost, so that you can review them and figure out how to proceed in your specific circumstances.  

💻 Cost of online dating: Credits explained 

On specialized sites (platforms for foreigners who want to meet Asian women), you buy credits or coins instead of premium plans. Such a system does have its advantages—in particular, you can control your spending—but it’s harder to estimate the total cost of services in this case. 

The costs of credits on different sites may range from less than 20 cents for a hundred credits to 3 pounds for just one credit. But the costs for using different services will be different, too. On the sites from our list, the starting prices are around 2 pounds for 20-35 credits, so an average user will spend around 100 pounds monthly. 

So, if we assume that it will take six months for you to find a Filipino bride, you’ll spend around 600 pounds. However, the final price will still depend on your dating style, the number of people you communicate with, the particular services you are using most frequently, etc. 

✈️ Price of meeting a Filipino bride offline 

The cost of an Asian mail-order bride will largely depend on her location. The good news is that the Philippines isn’t the most expensive country. You’d definitely spend more in South Korea or Japan. Overall, the Philippines are relatively affordable, but the total cost of travel services will depend on the number and frequency of trips, as well as on your preferences. 

Most travelers taking mid-range trips to the Philippines spend around 12 pounds on food and 40 pounds on hotels a day, but if you prefer luxury places, the costs will be much, much higher. The timing matters, too. Don’t choose the high season if you want to cut costs. 

📋 Cost of migration 

A foreign citizen will need a visa, and as we’ve noted previously, Filipino brides need to apply for a foreign partner visa. It costs 1,800 pounds for a foreign national outside the United Kingdom. 

❤️ Spending on romance 

You don’t have to buy gifts to attract a woman from the Philippines. But it’s still a part of dating. Just add 500 pounds to your list of expenses, and you’ll avoid surprises in the future. As for the wedding, it may cost you 20,000 pounds or another 500 pounds if you just get married and have a romantic dinner for two. 

Success stories of men who found Filipino wives through mail-order bride services in the UK

Randy and Jessah

I never thought I’d marry a foreigner one day, let alone think about finding a spouse in the Philippines. But that’s exactly what happened. I’d dated British girls, I’d married British girls twice, and though it all started perfectly, it didn’t end well. 

I’m rather conservative, and I do believe that family is the most important thing in life, so obviously, I just needed someone who shared my views. I met my future wife on the site for family-minded singles, and yes, this time it worked. 

We’d dated for two months before I went to the Philippines, met her parents, and proposed. You’re crazy, they said. Well, it’s been eight years since then, and we are still absolutely in love. It’s not easy to meet a soulmate, but it’s definitely worth the effort. 

Potential challenges of dating a Filipino bride 

Though many British men find happiness and love in the Philippines, you should develop realistic expectations about what’s going to happen. The easiest way to do it is to consider the actual difficulties others face, namely: 

  1. Cultural differences and barriers. You won’t be able to avoid that. Some binational couples note that their differences only make them stronger, but it is possible only if you are ready to listen to each other and to compromise if necessary. 
  2. Social stigma. Not all people accept mail-order marriages. Some remain rather skeptical about brides’ motivation, and the only way to cope with that is to ignore people’s opinions. 
  3. Adaptation period. Migration to another country is a tough period for everyone, so you should be ready to support your Filipino bride and help her assimilate into a completely new society and culture. 

Still, for many British men, it’s worth the effort. Filipino women are known as loving, attentive, supportive, and devoted partners. If that’s what you are looking for, develop a strategy and try to make wise and informed choices—and you’ll find your love in this faraway country.