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7 Pros and Cons of Marrying a Japanese Woman

7 Pros and Cons of Marrying a Japanese Woman

Japan is still a homogeneous country, right? Not exactly. In fact, recent statistics say that over 6K Japanese women marry foreigners yearly, and this number only keeps growing. 

More importantly, many of these binational marriages do work for both spouses. Still, a lot of couples admit they had to cope with certain difficulties. No wonder—there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. 

So, is it possible to identify the main pros and cons of marrying a Japanese woman? Well, they’ll always be subjective. Still, we can distinguish certain peculiarities that may help men develop realistic expectations about their potential relationships. 

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Pros of marrying a Japanese woman

First, we’d like to stress that the so-called “Japanese wife pros and cons” will always be subjective. What’s good for one person doesn’t work for another one. Moreover, even women from one cultural environment still have their unique personalities, so marriages with them won’t be identical.

Still, we can rely on the majority opinion and the most common cultural peculiarities. That’s usually enough to develop realistic expectations. So, what’s good about Japanese wives? 

❤️ 1. Perfect matches for men who want to feel loved

That’s something that Japanese women and most other Asian girls have in common—they usually express love through care and attention. Of course, negative family life scenarios where you are just two people living together may take place, too. However, they are usually the result of numerous conflicts and misunderstandings. 

If everything goes well, a Japanese woman will find multiple ways to let her husband know he’s loved and appreciated through hugs, warm words, delicious food, etc. 

❤️ 2. Best household managers but never domestic servants 

Japanese women are multi-taskers and the best household managers. They plan budgets and events and distribute responsibilities perfectly, which often makes life so much easier for their husbands. 

But we’d like to stress that a man looking for a Japanese mail-order bride to get a submissive wife who’ll do all the household chores without any questions asked is likely to be disappointed. It’s not the type of woman you can easily find in Japan. 

❤️ 3. Companions respecting your interests

Most girls from Japan are okay with men’s hobbies and interests. However, we’d like to stress that they expect the same treatment from their husbands. Spouses may like different activities and do them separately, and in most cases, that strengthens a marriage a lot. 

❤️ 4. Best mothers ever 

For many Japanese women, children are everything. That comes with a drawback, though. Many men who married girls from Japan note that they started to get much, much less attention from their wives after they had their first children. Many, however, solved this problem rather easily by negotiating and finding compromises. 

Cons of marrying a Japanese woman

Again, no one is perfect, and Japanese women are no exception to this rule. If so, what are the disadvantages of marrying a Japanese woman? We discuss some common problems below. 

➖ 1. Spiritual values are important, but material values still come first

A Japanese wife is likely to expect the husband to be able to provide for the family. She can be employed, too. She can make enough money, too. But it’s about more traditional gender role distribution. The man is supposed to be the breadwinner, and the comfort of the entire family is important. Lack or absence of financial stability will definitely result in problems. 

➖ 2. Cultural assimilation isn’t going to happen quickly and easily 

Many men think Japan is the best country to find a wife because of its unique Japanese culture. However, you’ll also need to consider that it will always be a part of your life. Japanese women are likely to follow their traditions instead of new traditions. So, don’t expect a Japanese bride to just fully assimilate and become a Westerner in the shortest time possible. 

➖ 3. Cultural differences are real 

Again, Japanese culture is unique, so there’ll be a lot of differences in everything from table etiquette to parenting styles. You’ll need to compromise, and that requires some work, so you’ll need to be dedicated and patient. 

Best ways to find a Japanese wife

Best ways to find a Japanese wife

You can migrate to Japan, go to Japan for a long vacation, or search for a future partner on the web. Though there’s no substitute for offline communication, most men still choose the third option. It’s cheaper and more convenient, and the success rate is higher overall. 

How to find a wife online? Here are the main strategies: 

  • Try mail-order bride sites. The main benefit of using them, along with international dating sites designed only for Asian singles and Westerners, is that you get instant access to profiles of women who are intentionally looking for foreign partners. 
  • Expand your search on mainstream dating sites. Of course, you can also try Tinder or similar apps. Messaging will be free, but most members will be searching for local matches. 
  • Use social media in a new alternative way. Search for Japanese users, see profiles, and follow someone attractive. Again, it’s free, but don’t expect to find the love of your life the same week. It takes time and depends on luck a lot. 

Consider your priorities and choose the best option. 

Pro tip

If you’re going to date and maybe even marry a Japanese woman, try to focus more on indirect communication. Don’t expect a girl from Japan to just say what she wants, what makes her angry (at least at the early stages of your relationship), and what she finds inappropriate. Learn to read between the lines—you’ll need that skill when you get married.

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