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How Much Does a Mail-Order Bride Cost for a UK Man?

How Much Does a Mail-Order Bride Cost for a UK Man?

Let’s start with the main fact. You can just pay a mail-order bride price and literally get a wife from another country without building a genuine relationship with her. Simply put, foreign brides aren’t for sale. 

But does it mean they are free? Yes and no. There will be expenses, and you’ll need to plan your budget properly to avoid extra costs. So, how much does a mail-order bride cost? What affects the price you pay? That’s what we’re going to discuss.  

How do you get a mail-order bride? 

To understand what exactly you pay for, you should know how men actually find and marry their mail-order brides. In most cases, the algorithm is as follows: 

Choose dating site
A man chooses one of the niche websites with foreign brides. That’s the prevalent option. Few men prefer to take an independent trip to a destination country and stay there to find a local girl offline.
The man communicates with women using different special (and therefore not free) services until he finds a girlfriend.
Plan a date
He and his girlfriend plan a date in real life, and he goes to the bride’s country to meet her.
Keep dating
The couple keeps dating and meets in real life until one of the partners proposes.
Marry her
The foreign bride applies for a visa and once it’s approved, she goes to the UK and marries her partner.

So, a man pays for online dating services, trips, a visa, and a wedding. That’s why such a thing as a fixed mail-bride cost just doesn’t exist. The price will depend on too many factors, but we can still calculate the minimum amount of money that a man needs to pay for getting a foreign wife. 

3 best mail-order bride & dating sites

We mentioned that most men from the UK find their foreign wives online, on niche websites. There are not so many truly legit platforms. Moreover, they must be legal in the United Kingdom and meet multiple quality criteria. 

Our experts have chosen a few international dating sites and mail-order bride sites that are currently considered to be the leaders in the market, so if you don’t know where to start your dating journey, take a look and make your choice. 


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Accurate mail-order bride cost: Main calculations 

the average cost of a mail-order bride

It’s time to move on to the figures. Again, mail-order brides’ pricing will depend on multiple factors, but we can consider the ideal scenario and do some calculations. You can see them in the table below. 

ExpensesMinimum cost Comment 
Online dating services£600100 per month on one of the top niche sites
Round-trip flight £50Economy class 
Three-week trip to a bride’s country£1,200For mid-range travelers
Visa £1,800For those who apply from outside the United Kingdom
Spending on romance£1,000Gifts and a romantic wedding dinner
Total £4,650Includes the basic set of services

We’d like to stress that this is the minimum and not the average cost of a mail-order bride. The average cost is around £7,000 while the maximum cost is around £20,000 and more. If so, how do you plan a budget? You need to learn more about the system itself, and we’re definitely going to reveal some secrets.

💻 Cost of finding love online 

Do you have to pay for online dating services? You don’t, but here’s what we’d like to stress—if you’re looking not just for a romantic relationship but for a future spouse and aren’t ready to search for a partner for years, niche websites will work best, here’s why: 

  • You access the right dating pool as such sites accept only foreign women looking for foreign boyfriends and husbands
  • There are advanced matching and communication features that help members build deep connections
  • Such sites are much safer compared to mainstream dating apps 

So, though you can search for a match on Tinder or Instagram for free, if starting a family is your main goal, using niche sites makes more sense. Despite having multiple advantages, they have drawbacks, too. In particular, they are never free. Moreover, you’ll need to get some credits to spend on different services. 

The costs of credits or coins range from less than £0.20 for a hundred credits to £3 for just one credit. The cost of messaging may also range from 0.5 credits to 1,000 credits for 10 minutes. 

So, consider the policy of the particular site. If you choose one of the top platforms like those mentioned on our list, you can expect to spend £100 per month on average.

Note that the cost of online dating services for you will also depend on: 

  • The time you need to find a girlfriend
  • The features (chat, virtual gifts, real gifts, video calls, Mails, etc.) you use most frequently
  • The number of women you contact

We’d recommend choosing the site carefully. There must be no hidden costs, and the platform must be effective enough for you to find a girlfriend in the shortest term and at a reasonable price. 

✈️ Cost of trips 

Contrary to common belief, there are no such services as arranged trips even on top mail-order bride websites. Men take independent trips to brides’ countries, and of course, a lot will depend on the destination. Let’s take a look at the average costs of visiting the most popular countries to find a foreign wife. 

CountryUkraineThe PhilippinesChinaThailandBrazil Mexico
Round-trip flight £100£500£400£500£700£700
Three-week stay (hotel, food, entertainment)£1,500£1,100£1,2001,200£1,400£2,100

❗If you’re going to find a bride in Ukraine, consider visiting a neighboring country to meet your girlfriend offline. We provided the costs of going to Poland, which is often chosen by Ukrainians. 

Though you might meet a girl once, realize she is the one, and propose, that’s not always the case. So, you may want to take more than just one trip to a destination country. Obviously, the total cost of travel services will depend on the number of trips, their duration, and your preferences. 

📋 Visas for foreign brides

You’re looking for a foreign bride, so she’ll apply from another country. In this case, the visa costs £1,800. Note that you’ll also need to prove that you can provide for your foreign dependant after she enters the country to marry you. 

❤️ Price of romance 

Note that this is the only optional expense. You don’t have to spend much money on romance, but most men spend money on romantic gestures from time to time, so just consider that when budgeting. 

For example, if you are not going to buy expensive items, you can add £500 on gifts to your list of expenses. As for the wedding, if you’re going to have it in the UK, it may cost you more than £20,000. In a bride’s country, it may be cheaper. A romantic dinner for two and a wedding license will cost you just £500 or even less.

How to cut costs 

Generally speaking, if you want to spend less, you’ll need to make more informed and rational choices, for example: 

  1. Choose the region or a specific country to meet a future wife carefully, considering all the cultural peculiarities. That’s how you improve your chances of finding a perfect match. 
  2. Do research on the mail-order bride segment of the dating market and choose the most effective site. 
  3. Focus on the most compatible potential partners. The sooner you meet the right person, the less you’ll spend on online dating services. 
  4. Get ready to make serious decisions. If you are dating a foreign woman for years, you’ll spend a fortune on flights and trips. 
  5. Choose the right time for traveling. Don’t go to tourist destinations like Thailand during the hot season. 

Focus on your main goal and make rational choices that will help you achieve it sooner. 

Final thoughts

Mari Kovanen

How much does it cost for a mail-order bride to find a husband in the UK? The amount is a lot less impressive than the amount that a man spends to find a mail-order bride. A man covers the expenses—that’s one of the main rules of the game. Still, as you can see, no one pays a fixed price, and those who offer to find a girl at a fixed cost are just scammers. In reality, you need to plan your budget and make wise and informed choices.

Mari Kovanen
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