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Find a Belarus Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Find a Belarus Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Even though Belarus isn’t the first country that comes to your mind when you think about finding a wife in Europe, it’s absolutely worth considering it as the place to find love. It’s largely underestimated, but Belarus mail-order brides are real, have much to offer to a man, and migrate to the UK to get married rather frequently. 

In this guide, we’re going to discuss everything related to the topic—prices, real experiences, and ways to meet Belarusian brides. If you’re interested, read on. 

3 best Belarus mail-order bride & dating sites for UK singles

The only easy way to meet Belarusian singles right now is to join one of the niche dating platforms with Slavic brides. The website must be legal in the UK, have multiple special features and real members, and set reasonable prices. Our experts have chosen such sites for you— consider your priorities and make a choice. 


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You can learn more about each platform from in-depth reviews that can be found right here, on Mail-Order-Bride.co.uk. That’s an easy way to get more information on the site and make an informed decision. 

Belarus brides: Modern concept

There are a lot of myths about mail-order brides, in particular, about brides from Belarus and other Slavic countries. Their existence is mostly explained by old trends that just aren’t common anymore and the evolution of the mail-order bride industry at large. So, who is a modern Belarusian bride? Here’s the answer. 

Mari Kovanen

It’s a single woman who’s motivated to find a partner overseas, often in the United Kingdom. She’s not ready to waste her time on years and years of dating—she wants to find a family-minded man and marry him in the near future. However, she is very unlikely to agree to start a family with someone who’s not her perfectly compatible partner. Her main goal is to build a genuine relationship and a deep emotional connection before she gets married and migrates to her future husband’s home country.

Must-know statistics about Belarus women

Belarus woman

If you are considering finding a wife in this country, take a look at a few interesting figures: 

  • In Belarus, women outnumber men by nearly a million people. 
  • 56% of Belarusian women compared to 43% of Belarusian men have high education degrees. 
  • Local women still marry young. The mean age at first marriage for ladies is 26.5 years old. 
  • The fertility rate in Belarus is 1.7 births per woman. 

As you can see, though the institution of the family is still strong in Belarus, local women have real reasons to consider intermarriage and immigration, too. 

Yes, despite sanctions, Belarusian citizens can still apply for foreign partner visas. There are no restrictions for those who’ve met their British partners online, too. Just like everyone else, a Belarusian woman who’s going to enter the country on a foreign spouse visa will need to collect certain documents, be able to prove that her relationship is authentic, and if her visa is approved, marry her partner within six months after arriving in the UK. 

How much do Belarus mail-order brides cost?

You won’t find Belarus brides for sale. There’s no way to order a wife online. That would be human trafficking. In reality, men search for matches in Belarus online, start genuine relationships with their Belarusian girlfriends online, and meet them in real life. If everything goes right, they get married, and then the bride migrates to her boyfriend’s home country. 

That, however, costs money. Usually, a man covers all or most expenses, which are the costs of online dating services, trips, visas, etc. We calculated the minimum cost of finding a wife in Belarus, and though a lot will depend on your choices, you can still use these figures to plan your budget. 

* Because of sanctions and unfavorable political conditions, it’s not recommended to visit Belarus. That’s why we provided the costs of visiting Poland, but you can also consider meeting your Belarusian girlfriend in any other third country.  

Online dating services (credits on one of the top Slavic dating sites) – £600 for 6 months
Round-trip flight (London-Warsaw) – £100
Three-week trip to Poland (hotel, food, transportation, entertainment) – £1,500
Visa – £1,800
Optional expenses on romance – £1,000
Total – £5,000


As we’ve mentioned previously, a lot will depend on your strategy. Which factors will affect the price and how do you understand when you can spend less or more than you expected? We’re going to discuss this below. 

💻 What affects the cost of online dating 

First and foremost, it’s the type of site you’re going to use. Mainstream dating apps are free, but they don’t work well enough for those who are seeking new relationships internationally, and especially for those who want to get married in the near future. 

That’s why most men in the UK choose dating sites designed for Westerners and Belarus brides for marriage. Such sites are never free. Moreover, on such platforms, you need to purchase credits instead of paying a fixed price for a premium plan. 

At first glance, the system seems to be rather simple. You purchase credits and spend them on using different features, each of which has a price. However, the costs of credits on different sites may range from £2 for 100 credits to £3 for just one credit, and when it comes to the costs of features, the price gap may be large, too. 

So, we’d recommend everyone who’s going to use a niche site with Eastern European brides consider the pricing policy of the platform. Try to estimate how much exactly using it will cost you. On most top sites, in particular, on the platforms from our ranking, you can expect to spend around £100 per month, but again, a lot will also depend on how you are using the website and its features. 

✈️ Cost of real dates with a Belarusian girlfriend

As we’ve mentioned before, visiting Belarus isn’t safe. Moreover, if you decide to go there, you won’t be able to book tickets easily because of sanctions. So, you should consider alternatives, and Poland is one of the most cost-effective options. 

Still, you may spend time with your girlfriend in any other country. Just remember that three weeks in countries like Poland will cost you £1,500 or even less, while three weeks in Italy will cost you £3,000 on average. 

Of course, the more often you go to another country to meet your bride and the longer you stay there, the higher the total cost. 

📋 The price of a visa

The price of a visa is fixed. It will cost you around £1,800—that’s the cost for all visa applicants who are currently based in another country (which is almost always the case). But if you meet a Belarusian girl in the UK who’s already entered the country on another visa, the cost will be £800 lower. 

❤️ The price of romance 

These are so-called optional expenses—spending on gifts, flowers, and even a wedding. In this case, it’s just impossible to calculate the average costs just because everything will depend on you. Mail-order brides from Belarus won’t expect you to shower them with gifts, and your bride will not necessarily want a big wedding. That’s just another stereotype. But it’s still dating, so you can expect to spend at least £500 on romantic gestures. As for the wedding, it can cost you £500 or even less if it’s just a dinner for two or dozens of thousands of pounds if you prefer to celebrate big. 

Success stories of men who found love in Belarus through mail-order Bride services in the UK

Marina and Alonso
Marina and Alonso

I’d been on a dating site for over a month when I finally met someone really special. Marina was from Minsk, Belarus, and frankly, I knew nothing about the country. I was rather curious about the girl and the culture, so we started chatting and still keep doing it every single day as we’re married now. Marina has relatives in Spain so we met there twice before I proposed. Yes, that escalated quickly, but I felt like I was going to make the right choice for the very first time in my life. We went through visa hell together, and now, when we celebrate our second anniversary, I know for sure it was worth it. 

Potential challenges of dating a Belarus bride 

A lot of men who’ve already met their Belarus brides say that the decision to date their partners was the best choice they’ve ever made. However, when asked about difficulties, they also point out a few main things: 

  1. Cultural differences. There’ll be a lot of them. The question is how you react to the fact that your partner doesn’t care much about Christmas but is obsessed with the New Year celebration. Of course, that’s not the biggest problem, but in any case, if you know how to compromise, you’ll cope with all the difficulties. 
  2. Mail-order bride stigma. Getting a Slavic bride has its drawbacks. Some will be rather skeptical about your choice, especially if the age gap between spouses is large enough. If it doesn’t bother you, it will hardly be a problem. 
  3. Assimilation will be tough. Moreover, it will be tough for both of you. Immigration is a lot of stress, and only mutual support may help you go through this period. 

If you think that you can cope with problems because the benefits associated with finding a beautiful, family-minded, and educated woman outweigh them greatly, finding a bride in Belarus might be a great decision. There are a lot of places where you can meet local singles, so just take the first step. 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.