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LoveFort is one of the leading dating sites in the Latin segment of the international online dating market. It’s a niche platform that accepts Latin singles and singles from other countries, mostly Westerners, who are seeking new romantic relationships. 

Such websites must meet more quality criteria than regular dating sites and apps, so I joined the LoveFort community to find out whether or not it can deliver a legitimately good dating experience. What conclusions did I draw? Find the answers in my LoveFort review. 

Monthly visits507,000
PriceFrom £2.30 for 20 credits to £118.70 for 750 credits
Average age of members38
Best forCross-cultural communication
Meeting new people in Latin America
International dating
Favorite featuresFeed & followers
Instant messaging
Virtual and real gifts

LoveFort overview in 1 minute

  • A dating site created for people seeking cross-cultural relationships 
  • There are two main groups of members: singles from Latin countries (Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, etc.) and Western countries (US, UK, Australia, etc.)
  • All users regardless of their gender can join the site for free 
  • Members with different goals are accepted, but most members are looking for new romantic partners 
  • All new members get special discounts and free credits
  • There are completely free features like search, access to profiles and profile photos, winks, likes, and followers
  • There are special features that cost credits including messaging, access to videos, and gift delivery 
  • Members can follow each other, share and view posts
  • A user controls their spending on the site and decides when to top up their balance
  • There’s no app, but the mobile version of the site is available in all mobile browsers 

How much does Lovefort cost?

Members get 20 free credits after they set up their LoveFort accounts. Those who like the site and want to keep using it can get more once they run out of their bonus credits, and right now, the costs are as follows:

$ 7.90
£2.30 for new members
20 credits
Special Offer
$ 15.80
50 credits
$ 35.60
125 credits
$ 55.40
250 credits
$ 118.70
750 credits

* £ instead $

So, the more credits you buy, the cheaper they get, and vice versa. 

Free and paid services on Lovefort

Using some features won’t cost you any credits. In particular, you can: 

  • Upgrade your profile. Members can not only sign up without spending money but also add details, upload photos, and write custom bios. There are no premium profile boosts or anything like that. 
  • Access profiles, see posts from other members, and follow them. There is no limit on profiles you can view per day or people you can follow per month. Access to everything others share (except for profile videos) is completely free.
  • Use search features. There are many of them, and both standard and premium users can use them without any restrictions and without spending any credits.
  • Send winks & likes and create lists of favorites. You can’t send real messages to others as a free member, but you can use the above-listed features to let someone know you’re interested in communicating with them. Also, you can save the profiles of the users you liked most. 

And here’s what LoveFort users need to pay for:

  • Live chats and Mails. These are the two main tools for communicating with others. Each has its benefits, but both will cost credits.
  • Sending photos, videos, custom stickers, and emojis. There are extra fees for sending media files, too.
  • Watching profile videos. Not all members have them, though.
  • Sending virtual or real gifts. Virtual gifts help you get the attention of members you really like, while real gifts are offered to those who’ve already found someone special on LoveFort.
paid services on Lovefort

So, is LoveFort legit?

Considering the number and quality of features, along with the quality of profiles (I’m going to talk about them in more detail later)—yes, it’s a legit international dating site with its pros and cons.

How does LoveFort work? 

The LoveFort dating site offers multiple features and multiple opportunities. Though at first glance, the system may seem to be complex, we can still distinguish and analyze a few main processes. 

Registration and self-representation of a user
There’s a registration form with some basic fields like name, age, gender, date of birth, and email. There’s also a quiz. Taking the quiz may take more time, but it will make the search algorithms work properly, so I wouldn’t recommend skipping the questions. A member can also manually add more details, and that absolutely makes sense. Most registered users have detailed profiles, so you’ll need to stand out from the competition.
Learning more about the community and searching for matches
You have access to profiles, posts on the Feed, search filters, and the People feature (basically, it’s regular swiping). Though some photos are private, and you can’t watch profile videos for free, there’s still a lot to learn about the community.
Direct communication
Every member can choose between instant messaging and the Mail service. It’s just a matter of taste. In any case, you’ll also be able to send stickers, emojis, and media files. You can also send virtual or real gifts. Sending real items definitely makes sense only if you think you’ve already met someone special.

Generally speaking, you can customize the dating process. 

As for the search features, for me, the People feature was the best one. The thing is there are no classic extended search filters, which is obviously a drawback. Yes, you can get a lot of information about a member by going to their profile, but you can’t set certain criteria to see profiles of people who meet them. It seems that swiping works based on the information that you’ve shared when signing up, so it’s easy to find your best matches. 

the People feature on lovefort

Following someone is a great option, actually. Learning more about members and even being a bit picky makes sense on sites like LoveFort. After all, you will spend credits on conversations. You can cut costs significantly if you only view posts just like on Instagram. 

When it comes to direct communication, I personally prefer messaging rather than long emails. The latter are more expensive, but if you do write a meaningful letter, you’ll spend less in the end. 

communication on LoveFort

Pros and cons

  • Quick and easy set up
  • Plenty of users worldwide, therefore plenty of potential mates
  • Clean design and easy navigation
  • Lots of users, easily accessed through a popular mobile app
  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone
  • Provides security and safety
  • Automatized matching process
  • May be too quirky for some
  • No Android app
  • Other members’ profiles are not completed

LoveFort profile examples 

The quality of profiles on LoveFort is high—higher than on most widely used dating apps.

So, what does a typical LoveFort profile look like? Here’s a perfect example.

As you can see, the member has added all the basic details and wrote a custom bio. There are quite a lot of public photos, there is a profile video, and, most importantly, there are multiple posts from members, so you can see she’s rather active on LoveFort.

Of course, there are lower-quality profiles, as well as profiles with better bios, but you can still expect most members’ personal pages to look like that.

Summary from Mary Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

Generally speaking, LoveFort.com is likely to work for many categories of users except for two. I’m talking about people who aren’t ready to pay for online dating services and would prefer using a free dating app and those who are looking for local matches. 


Latin singles and Westerners who are ready to pay for higher-quality profiles, some interesting features, and a safer experience are likely to have a great time on the site. Again, a lot will depend on how you are using it. Think of what exactly you’d like to get, what kind of person you want to meet, and how your relationship is supposed to develop—then, you’ll be able to build a sound dating strategy.

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.