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Launched just a few years ago, LatiDate has already become quite a popular niche dating site. I’ve checked its traffic, and it turns out that it already has around 200,000 monthly visits. Sure, it’s not that many compared to Tinder and similar apps. However, LatiDate is a niche website created for Latin singles and Westerners seeking serious cross-cultural relationships. 

I decided to join the site to see what’s so special about it, and I’m going to share all the findings in my LatiDate review. 

Monthly visits195,000
PriceFrom £2.30 for 35 credits to £159 for 1,000 credits
Average age of members39
Best forSerious relationships & marriage
Cross-cultural dating & communication
Meeting Latin brides
Favorite featuresAdvanced search
Very detailed profiles
Video messaging 
Custom stickers

LatiDate overview in 1 minute

  • The site was created for singles seeking romantic partners in Latin America or Western countries
  • Everyone can join the community regardless of the relationship goal, but the vast majority of registered members are seeking serious relationships and marriage
  • There are no registration fees or requirements to provide payment information when signing up 
  • The community is rather active—the average reply rate is above 75%
  • Most features are free, but members pay for direct communication—messaging, letters, etc. 
  • There are no premium plans sold at fixed prices—members buy credits and spend them on the features they’d like to use
  • Access to profiles is free and unlimited 
  • No LatiDate app at the moment, but the mobile version of the site is available on all mobile browsers

How much does LatiDate cost?

When you join the site, you get 20 LatiDate free credits. You can get 10 more for verifying your email address, so there are 30 bonus credits in total. I could use them to have a few free chats, but I ran out of my free credits rather soon and needed to top up my balance.

The prices were as follows: 

$ 10.30
Only £2.30 for new members
35 credits
Special Offer
$ 15.10
50 credits
$ 26.20
100 credits
$ 59.60
250 credits
$ 79.50
400 credits
$ 159
1,000 credits

So, the more you buy the cheaper the credits. Also, there may be special offers and seasonal discounts. 

Free and paid services on LatiDate

The LatiDate dating site falls under the category of freemium dating platforms, which basically means that though many features are free, you still need to pay for premium services. Still, the only way to plan your budget is to consider what’s free and what costs credits, so I’m going to list all the free and premium features below. 

Free services

  • Registration, profile upgrade. There are no fees for setting up an account or creating a competitive profile. You can join without sharing any payment information, write a very detailed bio, add all the details, and upload multiple photos for free. 
  • Access to profiles and search. You don’t pay to see who you can meet on the platform either. Unlike some other sites, LatiDate lets you browse as many profiles as you want to and see full-size photos. The best thing is that all the search features (basic search, extended search, swiping) are also free. 
  • Access to messages and letters. If someone contacts you, you’ll be able to read their message or letter without spending any credits. 
  • Customer support. There’s no hotline, which is disappointing, but at least you can contact support at any time by submitting the form on the site. They work rather fast, and in part, that compensates for the absence of the call service. 

Premium services

  • Text, video, and audio messaging. I loved the LatiDate online messenger. It works like and looks like most popular messengers, and you can not only enjoy texting but also send audio and video messages. 
  • Letters. This is an alternative communication feature for those who aren’t really into texting. You can write a long letter to someone you really like. 
  • Likes & Say Hello feature. They are much cheaper than instant messaging and letters, but you’ll still need to spend a few credits on likes and short standard greeting messages. 

Generally speaking, LatiDate is the platform to find Latin wives or long-term girlfriends or Western husbands and long-term boyfriends. Considering that, is LatiDate legit and effective? 

Yes, it is. It has all the features one may need to use to find someone special and build an emotional connection online before they meet in real life. However, there are more insights into the system that I’d like to share.

How does LatiDate work?

What is the dating process on LatiDate.com really like? Just like any other dating site, LatiDate has its system of solutions. The entire process is divided into three main stages, namely: 

Setting up an account and self-representation on the site
Registration takes less than five minutes, and you can use your Google account to join the community in seconds. Most work is done later, when you access the site, go to your profile, write a bio, add photos, etc.
Acquaintance with the community and searching for matches
There are multiple search options. Want to see matches online? You can do it with just one click. Have certain criteria that your perfect match should meet? Apply extended search filters. Want to see members who meet your basic expectations? Use the Like swiping feature.
Communication with members
When approaching someone new, you can choose between a standard like, a standard greeting message, live chat, and a letter. Also, there are custom stickers, audio messages, and video exchanges. You can switch between features if you want and contact the same member or different people in different ways.

So, the idea is simple. You have everything you need to build connections, but you can customize the process. 

Swiping or extended search? It’s up to you. But I’d like to note that when it seems like you’ve already seen all the profiles, swiping may be a great alternative for meeting someone new. 

Swiping on latidate

extended search on latidate

Letters of live chat? Make a choice based on your preferences. You’ll be able to attach files either way. 

It’s all about enjoying communication with people until you find someone special and focus on this person. The rest is up to the couple, but I’d recommend meeting in real life sooner rather than later. Some say trips are expensive, and it’s true. But you are spending credits on sites like LatiDate, too, so, maybe, making a “final check” of your feelings isn’t such a bad idea. 

communication with people on latidate

LatiDate profile examples

Profiles are very detailed, so you’re unlikely to face a LatiDate scam. Most look like this one. 

LatiDate profile example
LatiDate profile

As you can see, the user has enough photos, all the basic information about her, and both a self-description and a description of the partner she’d like to meet on the site. 

Note this is not the most detailed bio—many members share even more, but I’d also like to stress that men’s profiles are usually less detailed than women’s personal pages. Nonetheless, when you browse a random profile, you can expect to get all the basic information and see what a user really looks like. 

Summary from Mari Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

Do you want to find a Colombian wife? It’s possible on LatiDate. Want to meet a Brazilian mail-order bride or a girlfriend from Venezuela? That’s rather easy, too. The same goes for finding a Western boyfriend for a Latin lady. However, much will depend on how you are using the platform. I’d recommend everyone to test it first. It may be rather effective, but we all have different preferences and expectations, so see if LatiDate meets yours. 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.