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As the name of the site suggests, AsiaCharm is the platform for Asian singles and also Westerners who’d like to meet and date them. The concept isn’t new, but I can’t say it’s one of the mail-order bride sites with standard features and Asian brides from the Philippines and Thailand only. 

I joined the community to find out what’s special about this platform, and I’m going to share my key findings in this AsiaCharm review. 

Monthly visits200K
PriceFrom £2.30 for 20 credits to £117.40 for 750 credits
Average age of members35
Best forCross-cultural communication
Meeting new people from another continent, finding new foreign friends and partners
All types of romantic relationships
Favorite featuresSocial media & networking features
Online messenger with media file exchange

AsiaCharm overview in 1 minute

  • One of the most rapidly growing international dating platforms created exclusively for Asians and Westerners
  • There are no restrictions on members’ relationship goals—users may be seeking love, friendship, marriage, short-term relationships, etc. 
  • Most Westerners are male Americans, while most Asian members (around 80%) are Asian females from China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries
  • There are no registration fees, so everyone can join the community without paying
  • All the features fall under two main categories—free services and premium features that will cost you some credits
  • The costs of credits start at around $0.10 per credit, and all new members get 20 complimentary credits for setting up an account
  • Search, access to other users’ profiles, followers, and access to Feed fall under the category of free features
  • There’s no AsiaCharm app at the moment, but the website is mobile-friendly and available on all mobile devices on Google Chrome, Safari, and other browsers

How much does AsiaCharm cost?

So, what is AsiaCharm? First and foremost, it’s an international dating site created for particular categories of singles, namely Asians and Westerners seeking new people and romantic relationships. What I’m trying to say is that it’s not the mainstream site for all, and just like most niche sites, it’s a premium platform where you need to pay to communicate. 

AsiaCharm members can buy and spend credits, and at the moment, they can get them at the following prices.

£ 7.80
£2.30 for all newcomers
20 credits
Special Offer
£ 15.70
50 credits
£ 35.20
125 credits
£ 54.80
250 credits
£ 117.40
750 credits

Note that all the new members who’ve just joined the community get 20 Asiacharm free credits. Just like the credits you purchase, they can be spent on any premium features. 

AsiaCharm cost

Free and premium services on AsiaCharm

So, there are things that all members can do for free and actions users will definitely need to spend some credits on. 

When I was using the site, the free features were as follows: 

  • All types of search features. There are quite many ways to discover new matches on AsiaCharm.com, and all of them are completely free for all users. 
  • Access to profiles and photos shared by members. Unlike some other sites in this segment of the market, AsiaCharm doesn’t make access to profiles partially free. It’s 100% unlimited for all. All members can read bios, see details, view posts, and check out photos from public albums. 
  • Winks, likes, lists of favorites. If you want to ensure that the other member is interested in communicating with you, too, you can send them a like and wait for a like from them. The same goes for free winks. If you want to contact someone later, you can add this person to your list of Favorites, and that won’t cost you any credits either. 
Winks, likes, lists of favorites on AsiaCharm

And here are the premium services: 

  • Live chat and Mail service. You can choose any or switch between the two. The prices for using them are different, though, and you are likely to need to test both to see which feature is more cost-effective for you. 
  • Exchange of media files. On AsiaCharm, you can send photos, videos, audio files, and custom stickers. Of course, you can also receive them from others. 
  • Access to videos. If you want to watch someone’s introductory video, you’ll need to spend some extra credits. 
  • Gifts. There are only virtual gifts now, but it looks like the company is going to launch its own online gift store soon. 
Access to videos

All in all, you can learn a lot about the community, see how many people contact you, test different search features, contact others to see if there’s any interest in you, and get support for free. But direct private conversations and some special features will cost you real money. Fortunately, the pricing policy is transparent. 

How does AsiaCharm work?

I’ve read a lot of AsiaCharm reviews before I set up an account on the site, and I must admit that though you understand what to expect in general, you still can’t understand how the entire system works. I learned all the main principles and algorithms in around a week of using the site, and in my opinion, there are three main stages every member goes through:

Creating a competitive profile
It’s not just a standard procedure. Yes, there are some standard steps to take. In particular, you’ll need to browse the official website, find the registration form, enter your email address, which will also be your AsiaCharm login, and select age and gender. But then you proceed to the quiz, and that’s a way more important stage. You’ll need to share information about yourself, from your dating preferences to guilty pleasures, and all these details will be used to find the best matches for you; part of them will be shown on your profile. That’s how you can represent yourself, and, of course, photos and videos matter a lot, too.
Searching for matches
You can just go to the Search page and see your best potential partners. Members can also sort profiles by certain criteria and apply basic search filters (there are not many extended filters, though). Or you can just enjoy swiping. The best thing is that AsiaCharm lets you contact someone you like before you match. You can also find new people when viewing posts on the Newsfeed page.
Communicating with potential partners
I’d say the process of communication will depend on your personal preferences and relationship goals. For example, you can chat more if you aren’t looking for a future spouse or send love letters, exchange videos, audio files, and virtual gifts if you’re more interested in a serious relationship.

The algorithm is rather simple, but I appreciate that a member has freedom of action and can customize the service to have the best experience possible. 

AsiaCharm profile examples 

Is AsiaCharm legit? Well, we need to discuss another important criterion to give the right answer to this question, and that’s the quality of profiles. In short, it’s high—the chance that you’ll face an AsiaCharm scam is low. That, however, doesn’t mean that I recommend ignoring safety rules. There is no such thing as a 100% safe dating site. 

Still, let’s discuss Asia Charm profiles in more detail. Here’s what the typical page of the member looks like.

AsiaCharm profile
AsiaCharm profile example

As you can see, the member has multiple photos and videos. This profile could be perfect if the self-description was a bit longer and posts were not just photos without any message to others. Other pages will have their own drawbacks, but in nearly every case, you’ll be able to get enough information about a member to decide whether contacting them will be a good idea. 

Summary from Mari Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

So, what’s the verdict of my AsiaCharm.com review? Well, it’s a niche site. I mean, it’s created and it will work for two categories of singles—Asians seeking Western partners and Westerners seeking partners in Asia. 


The site is promoted as the place where you can find any type of relationship, have fun, find friends, etc., but let’s be honest—people join the community and pay for credits, which are not cheap, not to find a penfriend but to find a romantic partner, ideally, for quite a long period of time.

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.