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PhiliTalks is a rather interesting website. It can’t be categorized as a site to meet Asian mail-order brides or grooms. It’s even not exactly a dating website in the classical sense. 

It was created as a platform for cross-cultural communication where mostly Asian and Western singles meet new people, find new friends, and yes, start relationships. I decided to join it to see if it really works, and I’m going to share all my findings and opinions in this Philitalks review. 

Monthly visits40K
Price£2.30 for 20 credits to £118.50 for 750 credits
Average age of members36
Best forIntercultural communication
Meeting new people in the Philippines and Asia at large
Favorite featuresFollowers
Instant messaging
Virtual gifts

PhiliTalks overview in 1 minute

  • A website designed for Asian and Western users seeking friendship, love, and cross-cultural communication
  • Though there are the two largest groups of members, Filipino users (mostly females) and Westerners (mostly males), there are also users from other Asian countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan
  • Registration is free and takes up to 15 minutes
  • There’s a wide range of free services, but the platform falls under the category of freemium sites
  • Search, access to profiles, and messages sent by others are free and unlimited
  • Members can also share posts, follow others, and view posts on the Feed without paying
  • Those who want to have live chats, send Mails, send gifts, or watch videos will need to get and spend some credits
  • The more credits you buy the cheaper they get
  • You can control your spending on the site and customize the experience
  • There’s no mobile app for Android or iOS users at the moment, but the mobile version of the site is available on all mobile browsers

How much does Philitalks cost?

All dating sites, including sites where messaging is free and unlimited, still have premium features. That’s why platforms fall under two main categories: sites where you can pay a fixed price for a premium plan and unlock access to all special services, and sites where you can buy credits or coins and spend them on using different features in whatever combination and with any frequency. PhiliTalks falls under the second category.

Now, it offers credits to spend on special features, and the costs are as follows: 

  • 20 credits — £2.30 for new members, £7.90 for regular users
  • 50 credits — £15.80
  • 125 credits — £35.50
  • 250 credits — £55.30
  • 750 credits — £118.50

Note that you don’t have to pay as soon as you join the site. You get 20 free credits for free, and as you can see, all newcomers also get a £5.60 discount on their first credit package. 

paid services on Philitalks 

Free and paid services on Philitalks 

Here are the things I could do as a standard user or a premium user without spending any credits: 

  • Improve my profile. All newcomers can take a quiz when signing up, and part of that information will be shown on their profile pages. However, if you want to add more details, add more photos, and write a better bio, you will be able to do it without any difficulty, and most importantly, without spending credits. 
  • See user profiles. You can browse unlimited profiles and view all full-size photos except for private pictures. Private photos will be unlocked only after you start a conversation with someone. Nonetheless, you can learn a lot about the members of the community before you spend real money on the site.  
  • Follow users and see their posts. The site works like a social media platform, too, and the best thing is that you don’t have to spend credits to follow someone, see their posts, like them, or just browse publications on the Feed. 
  • Use all search features. There’s the basic search, as well as the classic swiping feature, and both are available to non-paying members. 
  • Send winks and add users to lists of Favorites. If you like someone on Philitalks.com, you can send this person a free wink or if you want to contact someone later, you can just add a profile to your Favorites. Again, there are no limits or restrictions for those who haven’t bought credits. 
swiping feature on Philitalks.com

And here’s what I could spend credits on: 

  • Instant messaging. There’s a great online messenger, and it’s definitely my favorite communication feature on the site. 
  • Mails. Mails work pretty much like live chat, but you can send longer letters, up to 3K characters each. 
  • Exchange of media files. Of course, there’s an opportunity to exchange photos, videos, and custom stickers. 
  • Watching videos. If someone sends you a video or if you see an introductory video on someone’s profile page, you should consider that watching it will cost you some credits. 
  • Sending gifts. There are some great virtual gifts to send to someone who really seems to be your perfect match. 

So, is Philitalks legit? Considering the variety and quality of features, the answer is supposed to be positive, but we can’t say that for sure until we analyze other important parameters like profiles, ease of use, and the efficiency of the entire system at large. 

How does Philitalks work?

Regardless of your relationship goals, the process of using this particular dating site will be divided into three main phases.

Phase 1. Registration and self-representation on Philitalks
The entire process will take less than 20 minutes, and on this site, you can actually skip most questions, but I wouldn’t recommend it. New members start by filling in the registration form with some basic information (a must for everyone) and then proceed to the quiz with many questions about themselves and people they’d like to meet on Philtalks. Giving answers is optional, but they are the information that algorithms use. If you skip the stage of adding a photo or writing a bio, you’ll still be able to do it later (at any time, actually).
Phase 2. Learning more about the community and particular individuals.
There’s the Feed with posts from members, the People page (good old swiping), the Search page with recommended users and some search filters, etc. As I’ve noted previously, access to profiles is free and unlimited, so you can favorite dozens or even hundreds of members to focus on the right people only.
Phase 3. Communication with members
Again, everyone can develop their own dating strategy. You can use live chat or Mail service, send audio messages or enjoy video messaging, send gifts, send stickers, etc.

The last two processes are interconnected and nonlinear, of course. They may take place simultaneously. Nonetheless, as you can see, the site is customizable, and a lot will depend on the choices made by a particular user. 

PhiliTalks profile examples

Most profiles on the site look great. Moreover, they are also verified. I tried to find an average profile with its pros and cons, and here’s what it looks like.

PhiliTalks profile
PhiliTalks profile example

As you can see, the member has a good bio, some public photos (most members have more public photos and private pictures), all the basic details, a profile video (most users don’t add it, so it’s a huge advantage of her profile), and no posts at all. To be honest, I would choose a user without a profile video but with some posts on the site, as this way I could make sure that this individual is active on the site. 

Still, as you can see, even if it’s not the best profile, it’s a quite good page. At least I always knew enough before I decided whether or not to spend my credits on approaching the user on Philitalks. 

Summary from Mari Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

I think I’ve read enough Philtalks reviews and spent enough time on the site to draw conclusions. I wouldn’t say it is one of the sites promoted and positioned as sites to find a foreign wife. Again, it’s a platform for communication and finding matches. The rest will depend on how you are using it. 


Will it work as a site to find a friend before you go to the Philippines? Yes, of course. Can it work as a site to find Pinay wives, Thai brides, or, for example, Japanese brides? Yes, if you are using it accordingly. 


But note it’s still a freemium website where you pay for communication. So, consider your goals, priorities, and preferences, use the information from this review, and then make a final decision whether to use or not to use Philitalks. 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.