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How Much Is a Thai Bride in 2024?

How Much Is a Thai Bride in 2024?

You’ll hardly get a Thai wife for free. But before we start discussing costs, let’s answer one important question. 

What is a mail-order bride? In the modern world, it is a single woman looking for a compatible partner and not getting any compensation from her potential husband or a marriage agency. So, there’s no such thing as a fixed Thai bride price. 

Men from the UK pay only for the services they need to use to find a spouse in Thailand, and in this guide, we’re going to explain how exactly that works. 

Top Thai cities for datingBangkok, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima
Average age of Thai brides23
Average cost of a Thai bride£8,000
Top dating site with Thai womenSakuraDate

Top international dating sites to meet a Thai bride

How much is a Thai bride? The overall price depends on multiple factors, and the cost of online dating services is one of the most important of them. That’s why we’ve chosen a few sites with reasonable prices for men in the United Kingdom. 


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Thai bride cost in detail

Thai bride cost

Let’s start with the basics. In most cases, the Thai bride price includes: 

  • Cost of online dating services
  • Travel costs
  • Visa for a bride
  • Optional expenses like a wedding

The minimum cost of finding a Thai wife for a UK man is around £5,000 or $6,300 (doesn’t include optional expenses). The average cost is £8,000 or $10,000 respectively. What’s the price made up of? You’ll find all the answers and clues below. 

💻 Cost of mail-order bride services

Let’s start with the basics. Mail-order bride services are mostly just niche dating sites designed exclusively for Thai women seeking foreign husbands and Westerners expecting to start a family with Thai women. 

There’s no fixed fee you’ll need to pay to an agency monthly or yearly. There’s no amount you’ll need to pay when you marry a Thai woman. You join the site for free and pay only for special features whatever they are. In most cases, premium members pay for direct communication—emails, texting, exchange of media files, video calls, etc. There may be some special services like real gift delivery, too. 

Note that there are no fixed premium plans. You need to control your spending on the site. A member can top up their balance with credits or coins and spend them on any of the above-listed features. 

The costs vary greatly from site to site. Let’s take a look at the examples of SakuraDate and EasternHoneys. 

  1. On SakuraDate, you can get 30 free credits. Your first 35 credits will cost you just $2.99, and you’ll be able to get more, from 50 credits for $19 to $200 for 1,000 credits. You’re also going to spend 2 credits on instant messaging per minute. 
  2. On EasternHoneys, you can get 20 free credits. You’ll get only 20 credits for free and will be able to buy your first pack (20 credits included) for $2.99. When you decide to get more, you’ll be able to get 50 credits for $19.99 or play big and get 750 credits for $149.99. The cost of messaging will be the same—2 credits per minute. 

* Note that you’ll need to convert prices to pounds and consider the extra fees set by your bank, if any. 

So, the pricing policies are quite similar, and though EasternHoneys is a bit more expensive, they fall under the same category. The total cost will depend on: 

  • The time you spend on the site
  • The number of Thai women you approach
  • The communication features you use most frequently

On both sites, most men spend £80-£110 monthly. Yes, these are high-end platforms, but it’s still a much lower price compared to the price of services provided by marriage agencies. It usually takes around six months to find a Thai mail-order bride, so the total average cost of online dating services will be around £600. 

✈️ Visiting Thailand: The cost of the first offline date

Everyone who’s going to calculate the Thai bride cost in the UK correctly needs to consider the costs of trips, too. You’ll need to meet your potential spouse offline anyway—otherwise, the partner just won’t get a visa. 

Let’s assume you’re going to Thailand from the UK for three weeks. The main expenses will be as follows: 

  • Round-trip flight—£600
  • Accommodation—£1,000
  • Food—£300
  • Local transportation—£200
  • Entertainment—£500
  • Total—£2,600

So, the minimum amount of money a man is going to spend on trips is £2,600. Still, couples usually don’t decide to get married after just one meeting. Their traveling styles vary greatly, too, and so are the durations of trips. Consider your plans and preferences to see how much you’re going to spend on offline dates. 

📝 Bringing your future wife to the UK: Cost of making things official

Everything is much simpler with visas. If your bride is applying for a foreign partner visa from Thailand, it will cost you around £1,800. If she applies from the UK (which is rarely the case), it will cost you £1,000. 

💍 Wedding expenses: Optional or necessary? 

You don’t have to have a big wedding. But if you decide to have one, it will cost you £20,000 on average, while in Thailand, you are likely to spend less than £10,000 if you aren’t going to invite hundreds of guests. 

Overall price

So, how much does a Thai bride cost in the UK? The minimum price is £5,000. It includes one three-week trip to Thailand, six months of using a niche dating website, and the cost of a visa. Weddings and extra trips aren’t included. 

Scams: Red flags and ways to avoid fraudsters

If money is involved, there will be scammers. How do you recognize and avoid them? Here are a few simple tips:

  1. 🚩 Choose a reputable dating site with many detailed profiles and qualified moderators. 
  2. 🚩 Pay attention to bios and photos, use Google Image search to make sure photos are real, and choose profiles with profile videos and verification badges. 
  3. 🚩 Beware if things are moving faster than usual and if someone is trying really hard to gain your trust. 
  4. 🚩 Block anyone who asks for money even if it seems that you already have a committed long-distance relationship. 

If you keep in mind that these are the rules with no exceptions, you’ll be able to avoid most dangers online. 

Pro tip from the author

For many men, Thailand is the best country to find a wife, and I completely understand why. However, I’d recommend starting a dating journey only if you’re sure that you’ve chosen the right culture and if you’re ready to make a serious decision if you meet someone special. 

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