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Find a Japanese Mail-Order Bride Online — a Guide for UK Men

Find a Japanese Mail-Order Bride Online — a Guide for UK Men

Japanese society has always been homogeneous, and transnational marriages were stigmatized, right? Not exactly. That’s just how Western societies often see Japanese culture, but historically, it has little to do with reality. 

From the early 20th century, also known as the time of Japanese “picture brides,” till now, Japanese women have been marrying foreigners. In particular, in 2016, there were over 6,000 Japanese brides who married foreign boyfriends. The number of Japanese residents in the UK has reached 65,000, and many of them are married to British partners. 

But how can a man in the UK find a Japanese bride in 2024? Will it cost a fortune, and what’s the chance it will even make sense for you? We’re going to share all the important information on the topic in this guide. 

3 Best Japanese mail order bride & dating sites for UK singles

British men looking for a Japanese wife can just find and join a good Japanese dating site. However, choosing a reputable platform is not that simple. Our experts are monitoring the market to select the most promising websites that would be 100% legal in the US. Currently, these are their top picks: 


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Each site has its key advantages and a unique set of features. Learn more about the platforms (you can do it in one click as all the sites are reviewed by our experts) and make your choice. 

Japanese mail-order brides: Modern concept

Let’s start with a brief outlook of Japanese mail-order brides history. It started in the early 20th century at the time when many Japanese women migrated to the US (to Hawaii, to be exact) to marry locals. At that time, an average Japanese bride was interested in economic prosperity more than in anything else. At that time, Japanese women for marriage were called “picture brides.” 

However, time passed, and the situation in Japan changed for the better. Japanese girls kept migrating to other countries, including the United Kingdom, but their motivation changed. 

Mari Kovanen

A modern Japanese lady seeking a foreign partner on one of the Japanese dating sites is usually motivated by curiosity, the impact of Western culture, attraction to British men, and the desire for modernity in a relationship. She isn’t compensated for her decision to marry a man from the UK, and her main goal is to build a healthy romantic relationship online first and then in real life—and then start a family. 

Statistics you didn’t know about Japanese women

Japanese woman

What do figures say about Japanese ladies? Take a look at the key statistics we’ve gathered for you: 

  1. In 2022, there were 3 million more women than men in Japan.
  2. Over 65% of Japanese women aged 18-24 and 24% of women aged 35-39 are single
  3. 25.9 is now the mean age at first marriage for women in Japan. 
  4. Over 54% of Japanese women participate in the labor market. 

As you can see, Japanese singles have reasons to search for partners in other countries, but most local women prefer a more modern relationship model based on respect and equality between spouses. 

Yes, absolutely. Mail-order brides in the UK are legal. Men don’t literally mail-order Japanese brides. The business has nothing to do with human trafficking as no one forces Japanese women to make such a decision. The fact that a couple met online doesn’t change anything for British law. 

A Japanese woman, just like any other woman who’s going to marry a British citizen, can apply for a foreign partner visa, legally enter the country, marry her partner within six months, and then apply for permanent resident status. 

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How much are Japanese mail-order wives?

Let’s start with the term “Japanese mail-order brides cost.” It seems confusing to most people as it sounds like you can really buy a Japanese bride. In fact, that’s just an old phrase that people keep using to denote the sum of money a man is going to spend on finding a Japanese lady online, dating her at a distance, meeting her in Japan, and inviting her to the United Kingdom to get married. 

You can see why fixed prices for getting a Japanese wife can hardly be estimated. Too much will depend on personal choices, circumstances, and luck. Nonetheless, we can still calculate the minimum cost of finding a Japanese spouse for a UK man. You can see those estimations in the table below. 

Cost of using a niche dating site with Japanese women (6 months) – £600
Round-trip flight to Japan (London-Tokyo) – £600
A three-week trip to Japan – £2,100
Visa for a Japanese bride – £1,800
Spending on romance – £1,000
Total – £6,100


The cost of finding a Japanese bride is a bit higher compared to the costs of finding other Asian mail-order brides, for example, women from Vietnam or the Philippines. Again, a lot will depend on the choices you make, and we explain how your decisions may affect the price below. 

💻 How much will online dating cost you? 

Finding sexy Japanese brides on mainstream sites and even on social networking platforms is possible, but considering that not all Japanese women there are looking for foreign partners and even are single, the search usually requires too much time and effort. 

This is why most men in the UK prefer to look for Japanese girls for marriage on niche websites designed exclusively for Japanese singles and foreigners. Here are a few key facts you should know about such platforms: 

  1. On such sites, the chance of meeting marriage-minded Japanese women is the highest. 
  2. On most platforms, men pay for communication, and they buy credits and not premium plans. 
  3. There are different basic and special features, and different premium services will cost you different numbers of credits. 
  4. The more you communicate, the more expensive features you use, and the longer you keep using the site, the higher the final price. 

We have our own list of top platforms to meet Japanese women, and though prices are slightly different (for example, on EasternHoneys, you’ll get 20 credits for around £2, while on SakuraDate, you’ll get 35 credits for the same amount), a male member can expect to spend around £100 a month. The sooner you find the bride and start a relationship, the less you spend. 

✈️ Cost of trips to Japan

In this case, everything is simple. The fewer the trips, the lower the cost. Of course, the final amount of money you’ll spend to build a relationship with a Japanese woman offline will also depend on your personal preferences. If you are ready to pay for high-end hotels, restaurants, and fights, you’re going to spend much more than travelers taking mid-range trips.

For example, economy class round trip will cost you around £600, while the first-class tickets will cost around £6,500. Meals cost around £25 for mid-range travelers, but if you prefer fancy restaurants, the price can get 10 times higher, too. 

📋 Price of getting a visa for a Japanese woman

As we’ve noted previously, Japanese ladies outside of the UK need to get foreign spouse visas, and for them, they’ll cost £1,800 (the price is £800 cheaper for foreign citizens who are already in the UK). 

❤️ Other expenses — Optional yet often necessary 

Japanese women on dating sites won’t expect you to send them high-end gifts. It’s completely up to you. But we’d recommend adding gift expenses to your budget plan. The same goes for the wedding, which may cost just a few hundred pounds if you don’t want to have a big party or tens of thousands of pounds if you have always been dreaming of a big celebration. 

Success stories of men who found Japanese love through mail-order bride services in the UK


I’ve always loved Asia, but I’ve never considered finding a girlfriend there. I was happily married for 10 years, and though my ex-wife is still a dear friend of mine, we parted ways, and I started traveling. I was in Vietnam, Malaysia, and a bunch of other countries, but I loved Japan and its culture most. 

I couldn’t stay there so when I returned to the UK I decided that it was time to find a girlfriend, and I was definitely going to look for her in Japan. It wasn’t easy, and it cost thousands of pounds. But over a year later, I finally found Yui. I went to Japan one more time and proposed to her in two days. Everyone said I was crazy, but it’s been three years since then, and we’re still living happily together.  

How to communicate with Japanese women

Japanese mail-order bride

Japanese culture is unique, and it affects all the spheres of life for locals. Of course, it also affects the way they are building relationships, so if you’re going to approach Japanese mail-order brides online or offline, you need to know some rules to follow.

  1. If you have feelings, confess. That’s how you will start a relationship.
  2. Never put pressure on her and don’t expect her to be as sexually liberated as some women in the UK.  
  3. Show you respect her individuality and independence. 
  4. Keep in touch and give her all the attention she deserves. Your disappearance is likely to be interpreted as a lack of interest. 
  5. Express your feelings through cute gestures rather than direct words. 
  6. Never, never forget about Valentine’s Day. 

Men looking for Japanese brides don’t have to do anything extraordinary to succeed. The only things you need to do are research the culture to develop realistic expectations about what you’re going to get and build a good strategy. The next step is just to find your perfect match among beautiful Japanese brides and enjoy your relationship. 

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