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Russian Mail Order Brides: A Guide for UK Men

Russian Mail Order Brides: A Guide for UK Men

The high demand for Russian ladies is completely understandable, but it’s also worth noting that Russia is a 12-hour flight away from the US, so it’s not like you can go outside and meet single Russian women. That is why we’ve prepared a list of trusted dating sites where you can meet Russian mail order brides from the comfort of your own bedroom.

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Russia has been a traditionally popular destination for Western men who love Slavic women. Every year, thousands of Russian brides arrive to live permanently in the United States as fiancées and then wives to American men. In 2019, 815 Russian women received K-1 visas and were in the top 3 of K-1 visa recipients from Europe that year.

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Why should you pick Russian women for marriage?

Ladies from Russia would have never gotten as popular as they are right now if it wasn’t for their many appealing features. If you know next to nothing about brides from Russia but want to catch up on your knowledge, here are the most attractive things about Russian girls.

Russian mail order brides are the epitome of beauty

If you prefer natural beauty with subtle features and absolute femininity, there is no other type of woman you should consider besides females from Russia. Russian girls are praised around the world for representing their own standards of beauty. A typical Russian lady has an above-average height and a ladylike, toned figure.

The face of a Russian beauty looks like a work of art with perfectly balanced features and clever use of makeup. Moreover, women from Russia are rightfully proud of their long and sleek hair, but some of them experiment with trendy cuts and colors.

You can talk to Russian girls for marriage about anything

One of the good things about being a former USSR country is how strong the school system in Russia is. Education is widely accessible in Russia, which is why the majority of Russian ladies you meet have not only a high school diploma but also at least one university degree.

On top of that, Russian brides are fond of reading and other intellectual activities. They are fantastic conversation partners who can not only be genuinely interested in the things you have to say, but also teach you a few things.

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Russian wife gives her all to her family

A major reason why Russian girls are so irresistible to Western guys is that they never have to choose between family and other aspects of their lives. When a Russian woman faces a choice between a career and a family, she will choose the latter 100% of the time. Russian wives have always been prepared to sacrifice a lot for the people they love, but they don’t even view being a stay-at-home wife and mother as a sacrifice. It’s just how they imagine happy family life.

Why are Russian brides interested in Western men?

Starting from their early years, Russian girls know exactly what they want in life and know the steps to achieve it. Their goals are not particularly exotic: they want a comfortable, exciting life with their dream man. They want to be able to build a good career or choose to not work at all. They want to live in a modern, prosperous place, and they want it all with the right partner by their side.

This is precisely what motivates young Russian ladies to reach out to Western men. They believe that they don’t get enough opportunities in their home country, and they believe they can get everything they want by moving to a foreign country. However, they are only prepared to do it for love. Russian mail order brides want to date and marry reliable and caring gentlemen first and foremost.

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How expensive is meeting Russian women online?

Like most good things in your life, finding a Russian woman to date or to marry is an experience that does not come for free. You should keep in mind that you cannot actually pay anyone to receive a Russian mail order wife you order online since it’s illegal. However, you will likely pay to make your journey more successful.

These are the most common expenses you’ll need to cover while searching for your wife from Russia.

  • dating site membership;
  • extra communication features;
  • flower and gift delivery;
  • visiting your bride in Russia;
  • helping her move into the US.

From the day you sign to one of the popular Russian dating sites to the day your Russian bride sets foot in the United States for the first time, you can spend anywhere from $2,000 and $20,000. The more time you spend on looking for your perfect match, the more women you talk to at once, and the more extravagant you are with gifts, the more expensive your journey is going to be.

Final thoughts

Even though there is a long distance and a big background gap between you, Russian mail order brides have all the features you are looking for in your soulmate. Don’t deny yourself the possibility of meeting your ideal woman — join one of our recommended dating services today and meet your Russian lady without going anywhere!

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