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Find a Polish Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Find a Polish Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Since 2004, when Poland joined the European Union, over 800,000 Polish migrants have entered the UK. Now, in 2024, Poles are considered to be the biggest migrant group in Britain. 

Not all of the Polish citizens entering the country come as labor migrants. There are thousands of Polish brides in the UK. They come and stay to build families with British men. Are there any ways to meet them without going to Poland? How much will that cost, and what are the challenges to consider? You’ll find all the answers here.  

3 best Polish mail-order bride & dating sites for UK singles

Most British men prefer to search for Polish brides for marriage online, and they have the best chance to succeed if they choose a legal and reputable platform. We’ve chosen a few top sites for you, so take a look. 


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Which site will work best for you? Learn more about each option from detailed reviews and make your choice. 

Polish mail-order brides: Modern concept

Unlike mail-order brides of the past, modern Polish brides don’t get compensation of any kind for their decision to marry men from the UK.

Mari Kovanen

A modern Polish bride is just a single woman who is looking for a decent partner in the UK. Her motivation is usually explained by the cultural impact, personal experiences that make her believe she has a better chance of finding a dream spouse in the UK, and positive stereotypes about British men. In most cases, she joined specialized websites to start a family with a foreign partner in the near future. 

Statistics you didn’t know about Polish women

Polish mail-order bride

What do the figures say about Polish mail-order brides and Polish society at large? Here are a few interesting statistical facts to consider: 

  • There are nearly 3% (over a million) more women than men in Poland. 
  • In Poland, 77% of women have bachelor’s degrees compared to 60% of men. 
  • The mean age at first marriage for Polish women is now 27.9 years. 
  • 87% of Poles identify themselves as religious believers. 
  • The fertility rate in Poland is now 1.4 births per woman, and it’s slowly increasing. 

Polish women have real reasons to consider intermarriage. Moreover, they are still rather traditional and family-minded despite having multiple “Western” values. 

Yes, they are legal.

There are no restrictions for couples who meet online. Just like all other marriage and family migrants to the UK, Polish brides just need to apply for a foreign partner visa, and if they meet all the requirements, they’ll be able to enter the country, get married within the following six months, and then apply for permanent resident status. 

Meet Polish women now

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How much are Polish mail-order wives? 

You can find a wife online, but you won’t find any catalogs with Polish brides for sale. As we’ve noted previously, a man pays for dating and other services and not for a woman. Considering that a lot will depend on one’s personal choices (the dating site the man is using, how he is using it, where he meets the bride, how often he goes to Poland, etc.), it’s not that easy to calculate the exact cost of getting a Polish bride. 

Nonetheless, there’s a perfect scenario that we can use to estimate the minimum cost, and the expenses will be as follows:

  • Cost of credits on one of the top Slavic dating sites — £600 for six months
  • Round-trip flight to Poland £50
  • One three-week trip to Poland £900
  • Visa for a Polish bride — £1,800
  • Spending on gifts & romance (minimum) £1,000
  • Total price £4,350

Again, the prices for meeting, dating, and marrying Polish brides vary greatly, and below, we’re going to talk about multiple factors that affect the total cost. 

💻 How much for using top Slavic dating sites?

Most men in the UK don’t meet Polish brides on mainstream sites and apps like Tinder. Finding a foreign partner on such a platform is hard because of how the systems work (they’re more focused on finding local matches). On international sites, there are only people looking for foreign partners. 

However, websites designed for international singles looking for love worldwide or in particular regions use credit systems. That means you are the only one who decides how many credits to buy and what to spend them on. 

On top sites, in particular, on sites from our list, costs of credits may range from just around £0.008 per credit to around £3 per credit. However, if we take a look at the price list for using different communication features, we’ll see that the final costs are nearly the same or at least fall under the same price category. 

On all such platforms, an average user spends around £100 a month, which means that if you spend around six months looking for a Polish girlfriend and communicating with beautiful Polish brides, you’re likely to spend £600 in total. 

✈️ Cost of meeting a girlfriend in Poland

Poland isn’t the most expensive European country to visit, especially compared to the UK. The costs of flights are low, but you still will need to pay for accommodation, meals, entertainment, transportation, etc. 

A lot will depend on your preferences. For example, travelers from the UK usually spend £12 on meals and £40 on hotels per day, but if you prefer to stay at and eat at high-end places, that amount of money can get 10 times higher. Of course, the more trips it takes for you to understand that you’ve met the right person, the higher the total cost of a bride. 

📋 Visa for a bride

Here, things are less complicated. A foreign partner visa to the UK will cost £1,800 for someone who’s applying for it from another country and only £1,000 if the applicant is already in the United Kingdom. 

❤️ Optional expenses

Buying gifts is optional. However, it’s still a relationship, so we’d recommend adding at least £500 on gifts to your list of expenses. As for the wedding, you can spend £20,000 on it or consider having it in Poland where the average cost is around £10,000. Of course, you’ll save a lot of money if you decide not to have a big ceremony and just spend this day together. 

Success stories of men who found Polish wives through mail-order bride services in the UK

Maria and Tom
Maria and Tom

I met my Polish girlfriend six years ago, and three years ago, she became my wife. We have a happy marriage. In part, that’s explained by how much family means to her. 

I’d dated British women, and though they were all amazing, none of them was motivated to have children, maintain the household, care about someone else, and make an effort to keep a family together. All of that was important to me, which is why it didn’t work. 

Maria was everything I’d been looking for and more. We went through the long-distance phase together, waited another year until her visa was approved, went through her adaptation period, and in the end, it was definitely worth it. 

Potential challenges of dating a Polish bride 

dating a Polish bride 

Hot Polish brides do have much to offer to a man, but you should consider not only the advantages but also the potential drawbacks of the decision to search for a wife in Poland. So, what difficulties may you face?

Most often, the problems are as follows: 

  1. Cultural barriers. Different traditions are different traditions. You won’t be able to avoid your differences, but you can find compromises. That’s the only way to make binational marriages work. 
  2. Religiousness. The chance is you’ll meet a religious Polish woman. Though there are fewer real believers among youth, the impact of Catholicism is very strong. That’s an advantage for some men and a disadvantage for others. Just choose your camp and make choices accordingly. 
  3. Long-distance relationship. You’ll need to go through it, and that won’t be easy. It gets a bit less tough for both if you make plans together and keep your emotional connection strong by making phone and video calls instead of just texting. 

A Polish girl is likely to be a bit more Westernized than an average Eastern European mail-order bride. For example, open-mindedness, tolerance, and desire for modernity are way more common in Polish singles than in Russian women. 

So, if you’re looking for a woman who has the best of both worlds, Poland might be a perfect place. Just think carefully about what you want to get and how you can achieve it and develop a dating strategy based on the information from this article—and you’ll already improve your chances greatly. 

Mari Kovanen
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