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Find a Chinese Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Find a Chinese Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Marriage migration in the UK is increasing year by year, and there are certain countries where most foreign spouses come from. China is one of them. It’s the sixth of the twelve countries on the list, to be exact. 

So, if over 2,000 Chinese brides enter the country yearly, do British men have a real chance of finding a Chinese mail-order wife? Yes, that’s right, but there are certain things you should consider before you start your online dating journey. 

3 Best Chinese mail order bride & dating sites for UK singles

There are multiple sites with beautiful Chinese brides, but not all of them are worth using and paying for. Our experts have chosen three platforms that are legal in the UK, have multiple standard and special features, and can connect you with thousands of Chinese women. 


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Can’t make a choice? Read detailed reviews on each of the platforms, and you’ll be able to make an informed decision. 

Chinese mail-order brides: Modern concept

We’d like to stress that there are no catalogs with sexy Chinese brides. On top of that, Chinese women for marriage aren’t financially compensated for their decision to marry British men. That’s the echo of the past, and the mail-order bride business hasn’t worked like that for centuries. Unfortunately, those old stereotypes still exist. 

Modern Chinese brides in the UK are women who’ve met their husbands online, that’s true. However, a modern bride is just a foreign woman who was intentionally looking for a foreign partner, and in the case of China, motivation is usually directly related to:

  • Failure to find a decent partner in the home country
  • Attraction to British men
  • Desire for modernity in a relationship

They are interested in building deep emotional connections and authentic relationships before making things official. A modern Chinese bride also meets their British partner at least a few times in real life before she decides to migrate to the United Kingdom.

Statistics you didn’t know about Chinese women

Chinese Mail-Order Bride

There are a lot of myths surrounding Chinese girls for marriage, and the best way to bust them is to consider the latest statistics that may explain what Chinese society is really like. 

  • In 2018, around 0.5% of marriages in China were transnational marriages. Considering the population, the rate is rather impressive. 
  • In 2021, around 39% of Chinese women were single.
  • The mean age at first marriage for Chinese women is around 24.  
  • Over 48% of Chinese girls would accept a partner who’s five years older.
  • The fertility rate in China is now just 1.28

China is a conservative country, but it’s changing, so knowing the latest information is necessary for those who are considering finding a partner in this particular country.  

Chinese mail-order brides, as well as all other foreign brides in the UK, are just foreign citizens who enter the country to start families. Whether you meet a Chinese woman online or offline, you’ll be able to legally marry her, and she’ll be able to stay in the country if she comes on a foreign spouse visa

Today, a foreigner can get this visa more or less easily. Of course, the British partner will need to prove they can financially support the Chinese woman, they’ll need to provide evidence that their relationship is authentic, collect multiple documents, and pay all fees, but it’s perfectly legal. 

Everything was way more complex before 1997. This was the year when the Primary Purpose Rule law was finally abandoned. The law made it nearly impossible for Chinese women and other foreign women to prove that they were migrating not with a single purpose of staying in the country. 

Now, you can just meet Chinese brides online, start dating one of them, and then legally start a family with her within six months after her arrival. 

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How much are Chinese mail-order wives? 

What are the current Chinese mail-order brides prices? In order to answer this question, we need to discuss what the term “prices” refers to in this particular context. You can’t literally order Chinese women from some catalog. 

If so, are Chinese mail-order brides free? Yes and no. In reality, a man pays only for the services he’ll inevitably need to use to find a wife in China. You can see the main expenses, as well as the minimum price of using them in the table below.  

Six months on one of the top Chinese dating sites – £600
Round-trip flight to China – £400
One three-week trip to China – £1,200
Visa – £1,800
Optional expenses (gifts, wedding) – £1,000
Total – £5,000


Note that this is just the approximate minimum cost of finding a Chinese wife and starting a family with her. It will depend on multiple different factors and your personal choices, and we’re going to explain how this all works below. 

💻 How much will you pay for online dating services? 

If you’re looking to meet a Chinese girl online, it will seem that you have dozens of options to choose from. However, the experiences of thousands of men show that social media sites, as well as mainstream dating apps, are not so effective for one simple reason. Most Chinese women there aren’t looking for foreign partners. This is why most men prefer to join websites with Asian brides only, and such platforms are never free.

On top of that, all top websites, including websites from our list, offer credits instead of classic membership plans. That means that the more credits you buy and spend, the more people you contact, and the more advanced features you are using, the higher the final price. 

For example, on Eastern Honeys, prices start at around £0.015 per credit. On SakuraDate, prices start at around £0.008 per credit. The number of credits you spend on communication are also different though, so on both sites, you can expect to spend around £100 per month. If it takes six months for you to find a Chinese bride, you’ll spend £600, respectively, but again, it will depend on your choices and luck. 

✈️ Trips—An important part of a budget

Trips to China aren’t cheap, and they can get fairly expensive if you prefer high-end hotels and restaurants. Of course, the more often you go to China, the higher the total cost of getting a Chinese wife, too. The average cost of meals per day is £18, local transportation costs around £16, while hotel prices start at around £40 per day, but it will also depend on the city.

That’s a large item of expenditure, which is why we recommend making decisions wisely. That’s what mail-order bride dating is actually about. 

📋 Cost of a marriage visa

In this case, everything is simple. A visa for a foreign spouse who’s currently based in another country will cost you £1,800. Foreign citizens who are already in the UK on any other visa can apply for just £1,000. 

❤️ Other expenses

Asian brides don’t expect you to send them expensive gifts just to get a chance to date them. Things in the modern mail-order bride market don’t work like that, but dating is still dating. That’s why we’d recommend adding at least £500 on gifts to your list of expenses. 

As for the wedding, it’s also totally up to you. It may get really expensive to have a big ceremony either in China or in the UK, so decide if you want to spend that much money and plan your budget accordingly. 

Success stories of men who found Chinese brides through mail-order bride services in the UK


I already had a Chinese girlfriend when I was working in Shanghai. We broke up a year after I returned to Britain. We just couldn’t cope with the long-distance format. I dated some British girls after that, but they all lacked that femininity and Asian devotion to a relationship. I thought why not? Last time, it hurt, but I can try again. 

I met Jingbei on a dating site, and we met offline one month later. Another five months later, I proposed, and she applied for a visa immediately. I told her that I wanted a family in the very beginning, and she was happy to hear that. You just need to find a person with a similar mindset, you know. That’s the only way to make it work.    

How to communicate with Chinese women? 

Chinese culture is different—everyone who’s going to meet stunning Chinese women online or offline should consider that. The good news is that if you know some cultural peculiarities, you’ll have a better chance of attracting a Chinese lady. Here, we have a few useful recommendations for you.

  1. Things will move slowly. Just accept it, it’s perfectly normal. If a Chinese woman makes every effort to make things move fast, it may be nothing but a Chinese bride scam
  2. Don’t initiate conversations about sex—let her do it first.
  3. Show that you want a serious relationship—that will be appreciated. 
  4. Keep in touch and don’t disappear for a long time. 
  5. Show interest in the three main things—her personality, her culture, and her family. 

Chinese wives have much to offer to men. They’re loyal, educated, and attractive. They are often kind-hearted and devoted wives. If that’s what you were looking for, it’s the country for you. Develop a strategy and try to make the right rational choices—and your chances of success will be high.  

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