Our Team 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert

Hello! I’m Mari Kovanen, a chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I am a counseling psychologist focused mostly on couple therapy. I believe that though our personal development is incredibly important, we can’t exist without social interaction, and interaction between partners who are currently in a relationship is the highest form of communication. 

Relationships can be satisfying and fulfilling, and we can become better versions of ourselves when being with the right person—but our fears, stereotypes, and prejudices often stop us from trusting someone. Of course, things don’t get any simpler when it comes to international relationships, which, however, may be even healthier than between people born in the same country. 

Researching such relationships and developing effective strategies for coping with major difficulties such couples usually face is now my main area of interest. I share all my findings, including conclusions I draw after counseling international partners, in guides and reviews at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. 

Ailey Jolie

Ailey Jolie, a top expert at Mail-order-bride.co.uk, is a licensed therapist and psychologist holding multiple degrees, including two bachelor’s degrees in Women’s Studies, Communication, and Psychology from the University of Ottawa. 

Ailey Jolie never stops learning something new—she’s already completed Sex Therapy training and is currently continuing her education by taking Acceptance and Commitment Therapy courses. 

She started her career working with people from over 30 countries. Now, she says that though every country and culture is unique, problems that people face when communicating with each other and trying to build relationships are universal. 

Here, at Mail-order-bride.co.uk, she gives professional advice to people seeking love internationally, helps overcome the main difficulties, and assists in coping with barriers that prevent people from changing their lives for the better. 

Meet our owner Dylan Shah

Hello! I’m Dylan Shah, founder of Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I’ve been traveling for the last ten years of my life, and my first trips changed the way I see the world completely.

Surprisingly, I discovered that the world is very diverse, and we often limit ourselves to only one country and culture, avoiding everything that seems new to us. But if we break that internal barrier, if we open our eyes and hearts and see others, our world changes right away. 

My relationships with foreign women (yes, I’ve had a few) made me a better person, and each time, I learned something new, something that changed me.

Now, my main goal is to show this amazing world to all people in the UK who also believe that a special person may be waiting for them in another country or even on another continent. I monitor the work of all specialists at Mail-order-bride.co.uk, suggest ideas for new guides and reviews, and control the quality of the content we share. 

Dylan Shah