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Find a Latin Mail Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Find a Latin Mail Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

The number of marriage migrants to the UK is growing by around 20% yearly. Though most of them are from Asian countries, there’s also a huge Latin diaspora—the community in the UK amounts to nearly a million, and many of the people who once entered the country did it to marry local partners. 

In other words, there are Latin brides in the country, and there are some real ways to meet a Latin woman even without going to Mexico, Brazil, or the Dominican Republic. What are they? How much will getting a Latin wife cost in 2024? You’ll find all the answers here. 

3 best Latin mail-order bride & dating sites for UK singles

Most men meet Latin brides for marriage online, on top international dating sites & mail-order bride websites. We’ve chosen the top 3 platforms to find a perfect match, get married, and start a family with a Latina woman—take a look and see which may suit you best. 

La Date

Date a woman from Latin American countries. Top Latin girls are waiting for you.

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Find a Latin woman for marriage. Win her heart on GoldenBride dating site.

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All sites are legal, and each has its unique set of features—you can find more information on any of the platforms in our in-depth reviews. 

Latin mail-order brides: Modern concept

Latin mail-order bride

The mail-order bride history takes its roots in the early 17th century when European brides were encouraged to come to the United States to marry male American settlers who couldn’t start families for one simple reason—there were not enough females. At that time, women received financial compensation, came and chose a husband, and got married without even getting at least a bit emotionally close. 

That was the early phase, and it is nothing like the modern industry. Still, that’s where most stereotypes come from. Over time, people started exchanging letters and even promoted themselves through churches. The idea worked, and the practice is getting more common. 

Mail-order marriages got the most widespread in the late 19th century, but at that time, this practice still didn’t have much to do with actual dating. More agencies with catalogs emerged, and though the companies worked like intermediaries, they still couldn’t give any guarantee that a bride wouldn’t marry the wrong person and that a man would get exactly what he expected to get. 

The Internet changed it all. People got an opportunity to get emotionally close as they could communicate directly. Plus, the geography of mail-order dating has expanded. Men in the UK started marrying not only Asian brides but also Slavic women and Latin women. 

Soon, Latin women became even more popular and took their high place in the rankings of the best foreign wives. Today, you’ll easily find a dating site that connects women from Latin America and British men—the demand is steadily high, and it only keeps growing.

Facts about Latin women—Must-know statistics 

Before you start searching for a Latin wife, take a look at some key figures. There are multiple stereotypes about Latin societies and their attitude towards marriage and family. The facts below help dispel some of those myths. 

  1. Latin women don’t get married at a teenage age. Just like in all other countries in the world, the marriage age has increased in Latin America—from 23 in 1995 to 26 in 2015. Now, the number is even higher.
  2. They don’t all have 4+ children. The average fertility rate in Latin America is 1.98 births per woman, which is still higher than in many European countries but not as high as many people think.   
  3. The divorce rate in most Latin countries is relatively low. For example, it’s 1.7 in the UK and just 0.2 in Brazil, 1.2 in the Dominican Republic, and 0.7 in Venezuela. 

Though many Latin societies remain more traditional to some extent, the social and demographic trends are the same as in the developed world. Latin women take marriage and family seriously, and they prefer making conscious choices when looking for someone they’ll spend their life with. 

Yes, Latin mail-order brides are legal, but let’s discuss the legal aspects of this particular type of dating and immigration in more detail.

In the eyes of the law, the so-called Latin American brides are just foreign women who are going to marry British citizens. The requirements are the same for all marriage migrants, as they all need to apply for family visas. They, in turn, can’t be granted only if a couple has an authentic relationship, has met in real life, and is able to prove that and provide all the necessary documents. 

The procedure is now simpler than ever—in 1997, the PPR immigration law that made it nearly impossible for foreign fiance(e)s to enter the UK was abolished. Now, the law still protects migrants, but they don’t need to enter the country and prove that migration isn’t their primary and only motivation. 

What countries do Latin mail-order brides come from? 

There are countries with the largest number of Latin American brides looking for British boyfriends and husbands, and we describe each below.

CountryAverage age of marriageEnglish speaking population %Best site for meeting local women
Mexico30.513La Date
Dominican Republic249TheLuckyDate


Latin mail-order bride from Colombia

If you want to meet a Latina bride in Colombia, you can expect her to be: 

  • Passionate, emotional, and super-confident
  • When starting a relationship, they expect it to last for years
  • Devoted to the partner
  • Enthusiastic, active, and spontaneous
  • Direct, honest, and authentic

Note that these facts are mostly generalizations, both in the case of Colombia and all other countries that we mention below. Nonetheless, these are common national characteristics, and though you can’t expect that all Latina mail-order brides from a particular country will have all these traits and qualities, you can rely on this information as the basis of national mentality and mindset. 

✔️ Verified
Maritza, 30
Maritza, 30
Pereira, Colombia
🌐 Online
Jessica, 21
Jessica, 21
Colombia, Medellín
🌐 Online
Milena, 29
Milena, 29
Buga, Colombia
Pastry chef


bride from Mexico

Latin brides from Mexico are mostly characterized as: 

  • Independent and self-reliant
  • Strong, optimistic, and controlling
  • Family-minded, supportive, and loyal
  • Religious and caring much about spiritual things

Other distinctive features of local women are kindness, willingness to help, and communitarianism. They’re team players rather than individualists. 

Hot ‎️‍🔥
Elena, 39
Elena, 39
Cancún, Mexico
Business Owner Atelier
✔️ Verified
Haney, 37
Haney, 37
Mexico, Playa del Carmen
✔️ Verified
Cristhian Hdz, 24
Cristhian Hdz, 24
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico


Latin woman from Brazil

What will a Latin woman from Brazil be like? You have a chance to meet a girl who’ll be: 

  • Playful, funny, and friendly
  • Emotional (even hot-headed) and self-reliant
  • Independent yet interested in relationships
  • Very romantic and often adherent to more traditional gender roles

Of course, many men are looking for a Latin wife in Brazil because of the physical attractiveness of local women, but in fact, they have much more to offer than just beauty. 

Hot ‎️‍🔥
Sofy, 28
Sofy, 28
✔️ Verified
Maria, 24
Maria, 24
University Student
Hot ‎️‍🔥
Aparecida Andreia, 26
Aparecida Andreia, 26
Brazil, Orleans
Airline operations manager

The Dominican Republic 

women in the Dominican Republic

What about the Dominican Republic? Local women are often characterized as: 

  • More traditional than any women in Western countries, in particular, the UK
  • Courageous and not afraid of competition
  • Really devoted to their partners and relationships
  • Friendly and welcoming

Unfortunately, women in the Dominican Republic are living in a country that is still affected by machismo values, and that often results in domestic abuse. That is one of the reasons why many of them choose a dating site and start looking for a future spouse overseas. 

✔️ Verified
Maria, 28
Maria, 28
Dominican Republic
✔️ Verified
Koraima, 38
Koraima, 38
Cotui, Dominican Republic
Hot ‎️‍🔥
Carmen, 23
Carmen, 23
Dominican Republic
Sales / Marketing


Latin woman from Venezuela

In Venezuela, women are: 

  • Naturally attractive and caring about their appearance
  • Sexy and aren’t afraid of exploring their sexuality 
  • Charismatic and extroverted
  • Thinking of others more than of themselves

Venezuela is one of the countries where people face a lot of difficulties yet remain strong and optimistic. Also, just like in many other societies, they are often focused on others and mutual support, which makes them some of the most caring spouses.

Hot ‎️‍🔥
Dudamell, 31
Dudamell, 31
Venezuela, Araure
Hot ‎️‍🔥
Guadalupe, 31
Guadalupe, 31
Venezuela, Caracas
✔️ Verified
Hogreiddy, 28
Hogreiddy, 28
Venezuela, Puerto La Cruz
real estate consultant

How much do Latin mail-order wives cost? 

Latin mail-order bride prices depend on multiple things. There are no fixed costs just because you’ll need to use a wide range of services provided by different companies to achieve your final goal. In particular, men looking for Latin brides online spend money on online dating, real trips to a bride’s country, visas, and other optional things like gifts.

Let’s say you’re going to find a woman in Colombia. In this case, the expenses will be as follows (approximate minimum costs are provided):

  • Online dating services—£600
  • Round-trip flight to Colombia—£700
  • 3 weeks of stay in Colombia—£1,200
  • Visa for a bride—£1,800
  • Other optional expenses (gifts & wedding, the lowest costs possible)—£1,000
  • Total—$5,300

This is the minimum price, and there are a lot of things that may affect it. Will the cost be higher for you? We explain all the factors below. 

💻 Cost of finding a Latin bride online

Most Latin women who are intentionally looking for foreign husbands prefer to use niche websites. Such platforms have multiple advantages (the right user base, advanced communication features, better moderation, etc.), but they aren’t free. 

Moreover, members don’t buy premium plans—they purchase credits to enjoy messaging, make video calls, send gifts, etc. That’s why it’s hard to calculate the average cost of online dating services. It will depend on two things—the member’s personal choices and the prices set by the company. 

The costs of credits range from £0.05 per credit to around £3 per credit. The costs of using different features vary, too; for example, on a cheaper site, you may spend 20 credits on 10 minutes of messaging, while on a site where credits cost much more, you’ll spend only 1 credit chatting in an online messenger for 20 minutes. 

Generally speaking, you can expect to spend around £100 a month on most top niche dating platforms. 

✈️ Trips to a bride’s country

Location matters. You’ll need to meet your Latin bride one day anyway, and usually, it’s the man who visits the woman. For example, if you meet a girl from Chile, Brazil, or Uruguay, you’ll spend much more than if you meet a girl from Colombia or Argentina. The flight prices alone differ quite a lot: you’ll pay about £650 for a round trip to Sao Paulo and around £900 for a flight to Buenos Aires. 

Of course, your traveling preferences, as well as the duration and frequency of your trips matter, too. Find more detailed information on traveling costs for each country and plan your budget accordingly. 

📋 Visa

A marriage visa for a foreign citizen who’s applying for it outside the United Kingdom costs £1,800. There are no extra fees or extra special requirements. Also, you’ll have six months to marry your Latin bride after she gets a visa and enters the country. 

❤️ Optional expenses 

Of course, men dating women spend money on gifts and flowers, too, but there’s an important thing to emphasize. These are just regular dating expenditures—Latin girls on dating sites don’t expect you to shower them with gifts. It really depends on your dating style. 

Also, if you’re on a budget, ask yourself whether you’d really like to spend a lot of money on a wedding. It will be more expensive than any other services you’ll need to use to get a Latin wife, and you’ll also need to invite her relatives, and that’s not cheap either. 

Success stories of men who found Latin wives through mail-order bride services in the UK


I’ve never been to Latin American countries and never considered getting a Latin mail-order wife. Still, ten years ago, I got divorced and decided it was time to reconsider my life choices. 

It was my second severe and brutal breakup, and the main reason why we couldn’t make it work was because I’m a guy who believes that a woman must be a woman in a relationship. She can have a job, a career, ambition, and stuff like that, but she must also care about the family. I thought, why not? I’ll give it a try and join one of those dating sites with brides from all over the globe. 

There were hundreds of beautiful Latin brides, and they were all super nice, but one was special. Maria was from Brazil, and I was in Rio literally three weeks after we met online. One more year of dating, and here I am, making a proposal.

Another difficult year of waiting until her visa was approved, and then we got married. It’s been six years since then, and I’m still happy. She’s smart and spontaneous, and she absolutely shares my views on life. Couldn’t ask for more.—R.

How much does a Latin mail order bride cost?

If you see someone on the internet offering you to buy a Latin mail order wife, you should know that it’s not only likely a scam but is also illegal. However, there are many international dating sites such as La Date, where you can meet legit Latin beauties, but a successful experience on those sites never comes for free.

Here are the most likely expenses you’ll have to face:

  • membership on a dating site;
  • additional features like video chats and phone calls;
  • gift and flower delivery services;
  • cost of traveling to Latin America to meet your bride;
  • cost of inviting your bride to the United States;
  • Visa;
  • Wedding.

So how much will you pay in total? The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including how long it takes you to meet your soulmate and how many times you’ll visit your Latin bride before you decide you’re ready for marriage. At the very least, you’ll spend $3,000, but in most cases, your expenses will fall into the $20,000-$30,000 gap.

Final thoughts

No matter what you are looking for in women, you can’t go wrong with Latin American brides. Their beauty and personality come in every shape and color, so there are always plenty of women to choose from. And with the reputable dating sites from our selection, your journey to happiness will be safe, efficient, and satisfying.

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