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AmourFeel is one of the biggest sites for Slavic singles and Westerners. This is a highly competitive niche, but this particular platform keeps going strong, so I decided to find out what is so special about it. I read multiple mixed AmourFeel reviews, but obviously, that wasn’t enough. I decided to join the online dating community myself and conduct my own little investigation. What were the results? Read on to find out!

Monthly visits250,000
PriceFrom 20 credits for £2.40 to 750 credits for £119
Average age of members32
Best forCross-cultural dating 
Cross-cultural communication
Meeting European singles
Favorite featuresFollowers
Online messenger with file exchange

AmourFeel overview in 1 minute

  • AmourFeel is a mixed website that may work as a platform for cross-cultural communication, a site for love seekers, and an international social networking site 
  • Currently, the AmourFeel dating site gets around 250K monthly visits, and they all come from two main groups of users: Slavic singles and Western singles
  • Neither female users nor men who are going to join the community need to pay for setting up an account
  • Still, Amour Feel can’t be considered a free site; it’s rather a freemium website with a good selection of free features and premium communication features
  • Those who want to have direct conversations with members need to buy credits instead of premium membership plans 
  • Registered members can search for matches, view user profiles, see public photos and publications from users, as well as follow people for free
  • There are two main premium communication features: online messenger and the Mail service
  • There’s no AmourFeel app at the moment, but the website is mobile-optimized

How much does AmourFeel cost? 

So, let’s proceed to one of the most important parts of my AmourFeel review—analysis of pricing. First of all, I’d like to stress that on this platform, you don’t have to pay for every click. There are many free features, and you decide when to use a premium feature and which services you’d like to use at the moment. 

Still, genuine communication will cost you some credits, and now, the prices are as follows: 

  • 20 credits — £2.4 for all newcomers, £8 for all the rest
  • 50 credits — £16
  • 125 credits — £36
  • 250 credits — £56
  • 750 credits — £119

Note that the AmourFeel website is not one of the sites where you have to pay upfront before you even understand what exactly you can get from the platform. Not only can you use quite a wide range of free features, but every newcomer also gets 20 free credits that can be spent on any premium services. 

AmourFeel cost

Free and premium services on AmourFeel 

So, what are the free features available to all members? When I was using the site, standard services were as follows: 

  • Profile upgrade. I’m not trying to say there are some special badges or an opportunity to highlight your profile on search results. On AmourFeel, everyone has equal chances of attracting their best matches: you can just add a lot of information, answer all the questions, share all the details, and write a creative profile headline for free. 
  • Search. Every member can find matches and view user profiles without spending a single credit. That goes for every search feature and every section on the profile except for profile videos. Even viewing private pictures can’t be considered a premium feature—you just unlock them automatically when you start a conversation with someone. 
  • Followers. If you like someone and want to learn a bit more about this person, you can follow them and unfollow them at any moment. Also, you can just go to the Newsfeed page and see recent posts from AmourFeel users. 
  • Winks, likes, and favorites. What I appreciated most was that I still could contact someone for free. For example, I could send a wink or like, and a member who liked my profile too could reach me back. Also, all standard members can create their own lists of favorites, which is a pretty nice alternative to saved searches. 
match free feature on AmourFeel

And here’s what you can spend your credits on: 

  • Messaging & Mails. What do you like more? I’d say both features work equally well technically. The rest is just a matter of taste.  
  • Profile videos. You’ll need to spend some credits if you want to watch profile videos. The good news is that in my opinion, in most cases, it’s just not necessary. 
  • Exchange of media files. You can send audio files, videos, photos, and custom stickers, but all of them will cost you some credits. 
  • Gifts. At the moment, members can exchange virtual gifts, but the online store with real gifts (which will be delivered to the receivers’ doorstep in their country) is expected to be launched soon. 

That’s a good selection of features, and I especially appreciate the transparency of the policies. You always know how much using one or another feature will cost you. 

members can exchange virtual gifts on AmourFeel

How does AmourFeel work? 

This site has a rather complex system, but I’d still divide the process of using the platform into three main stages:

Joining the community
At this stage, a member should care only about self-representation. AmourFeel provides you with all the tools, and all of them are free. You start by filling in the registration form with some basic details like your age, gender, and email which will also be your AmourFeel login, and then you proceed to the quiz. You’ll also be able to add more details and photos later.
Searching for the most compatible members
If you know exactly what you are looking for in a person, think carefully of your answers when taking the quiz—that’s the best thing you can do to make algorithms work properly. You can also manually set basic search filters, use swiping (you’ll see only the best suggested matches), see posts from members, follow people, and more.
Communicating with users until you meet your goal
I mentioned all the main communication features above, and you can use them the way you want to meet your specific goal. Are you in the mood for messaging today, or maybe you want to send a gift? Would you like to send a video or write a love letter? In any case, AmourFeel has got you covered.

The site is highly customizable, and you can make multiple choices that will help you meet your goal at every stage of using AmourFeel. 

AmourFeel profile examples

What I like about international sites like AmourFeel most is the quality of profiles. Strict moderation, loyalty programs, a system of encouragement, and other measures allow the creation of a dating platform where most personal pages look like this: 

AmourFeel profile
AmourFeel profile example

Don’t expect all profiles to look like that. Some members may have no introductory videos. Some are less active on the site overall. Some may have a shorter bio, but most will still look decent and contain all or at least most of the information you should learn about someone before you spend time and/or money on approaching this person online. 

Summary from Mari Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

Is AmourFeel legit? I think I read enough AmourFeel.com reviews and spent enough time on the site to say that yes, it’s legit. Nonetheless, though it may seem to be the site to find Polish wives or Ukrainian mail-order brides, it’s not a standard platform for finding a foreign girlfriend. 


It’s quite a versatile site, and a lot will depend on how you are using it. Still, it’s also a premium platform where you pay for communication, so the question is pretty much whether AmourFeel offers you what you were expecting from a dating site or not. Answer it, and you’ll see whether you should or shouldn’t use it. 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.