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For your understanding:
read reviews
We read literally all the Orchidromance reviews available
We spend 8 days chatting with women on this site
We tested everything except for 1 premium feature
analyzed data
We analyzed all the data available, from the number of visitors to the demography

So, this review is going to be fully based on facts, numbers, and our own expertise—and it’s going to be as fair as possible, of course. 

Monthly visits1,180,000
PriceFrom £2.39 to £120
Average age of membersFemale members: 30-45 years old
Male members: 40-55 years old
Best forBuilding a romantic relationship
Dating women from Southeast or East Asia
Chatting with real people (if you’re tired of bots and fakes)
Favorite featuresThe People game
Gift delivery

OrchidRomance overview in 1 minute

  • Most Asian ladies are very serious about relationships; most of them are looking for a husband
  • The members speak English very well and they often contact men first, so it’s not like they’re too shy here
  • The registration takes around 1 minute
  • 30 credits as a bonus for new users
  • The profiles of ladies are so nice a lot of men actually think they’re bots
  • However, there’s no need to worry about bots—most profiles are ID-verified 
  • There’s no app, but the mobile website runs smoothly even on old smartphones
  • Most female users are from Southeast Asia—there are tens of thousands of Filipino brides, women from Vietnam, Thai ladies, etc.
  • The site has a great reputation: there are more than 8,000 Orchid Romance reviews on SiteJabber, and the rating is 4.1 stars out of 5
  • OrchidRomance has one of the largest dating pools in the niche (more than 1,000,000 monthly visits)
  • Gift delivery for those who want to impress their foreign girlfriends—a costly but 100% awe-inspiring feature 
  • Newsfeed and the People game make OrchidRomance even more interesting and urge users to spend even more time there 
Orchid Romance reviews on SiteJabber

How much does OrchidRomance cost?

OrchidRomance has a credit system: a user purchases credits and then spends them as he wants. Here’s the list of the credit packages.

  • 20 credits cost £2.39 (if it’s your first payment)
  • 20 credits £8 (if it’s not your first payment)
  • 50 credits cost £16
  • 125 credits cost £36
  • 250 credits cost £56
  • 750 credits cost £120
OrchidRomance cost

Free and paid services on OrchidRomance

OrchidRomance offers a lot of free features. Here’s what you can do without credits on this site:

  • Create a profile, upload photos, edit profile
  • Contact customer support (available 24/7)
  • Browse profiles and watch photos
  • Send Winks (it’s free but only available if you have credits in your account)
  • People game
  • Follow other users and watch their feeds
People game on OrchidRomance

What about the premium, services? Here they are:

  • Sending emails, attaching photos, videos
  • Using the live chat (you can attach files, too)
  • Sending presents from a bouquet of 13 roses to iPhone 15 Pro 
  • Virtual gifts
  • Watching profile videos (few profiles have videos)
  • Watching private photos (you don’t pay for this, but you need to start chatting to get access)
Sending presents feature

How does OrchidRomance work? 

We signed up on the Orchid Romance dating site with the intention of testing its main features, but it turned out it’s not only about live chat. Let’s talk about how it works.

First, registration.
You enter the email address and name, your password, and date of birth, and click “Register.” There it is, your account is created, and you get 30 free credits—we’ll cover it later, but it’s one of the most generous bonuses we’ve ever seen during our reviewing career. Don’t forget to save your Orchidromance login and password in the browser!
Then, the website will offer to verify your email.
It will take 10 seconds or something so it shouldn’t be a problem. You can skip this, but why? Two clicks and your account is activated. Activated, but empty.
Having an empty account isn’t prohibited; it’s just meaningless.
If you want to chat with women, your profile should look nice, which means you’ll have to upload at least a few photos and answer at least the basic questions. To edit the profile, click “My Profile.” There are only 12 fields to fill in, so it won’t take a lot of time.
You can also upload private photos—it’s free.
Does it make sense? We don’t really know. Our profile had 5 public and 2 private pictures, and it’s not like it was important at all.
So, with a complete profile, you can finally start using OrchidRomance.
You’ve got 30 credits, remember? This means you can send 3 first mails to different ladies or spend 15 minutes in a live chat, which, in our opinion, is a more interesting option.
To start chatting, find a woman through a search tool—there are only 2 search filters, unfortunately, so you won’t be able to narrow down the search too much.
In fact, it’s one of the most serious problems with OrchidRomance. We tested dozens of similar sites and based on observations, we can safely say that 2 filters are not enough. Today, when some competitors have 15 filters, having 2 is definitely not a good idea.
Anyway, to start chatting, open a profile, type a message, and send it.
Or click “Change to mail” if you prefer emails. After 15 minutes, you’ll run out of credits and will have to buy more—there’s a special offer for new users, 20 credits cost only £2.39 for them.
There’s no need to buy credits right away.
Play the People game, watch photos, make sure the ladies are real, etc. Have your time.

OrchidRomance profile examples

According to all of the experience of our team, that’s the most important factor. A dating site can have many features, it can be affordable, and it can have a great design—but if the quality of profiles is low, you don’t want to waste time on it.

Luckily, OrchidRomance doesn’t disappoint us. The profiles here are…

Let’s take a look.Here’s a random profile of a random Vietnamese bride. It’s available here:

OrchidRomance profile
OrchidRomance profile example

What do we see here?

  • First, ID verification. It’s a real person so no worries about scammers.
  • Second, it’s her profile bio—she talks about her hobbies, and the bio has enough hooks for us to write the first message. 
  • It’s also about her Newsfeed (even more hooks) and her photos—she has 23 amazing pictures!

The verdict is: this profile is just perfect, and the great news is that’s how the vast majority of them look on OrchidRomance. 10/10 for the quality of profiles from us.

Summary from Mari Konaven

Mari Kovanen

I tested many dating sites, and the ones with Asian mail-order brides are probably the largest part of my portfolio. With all that expertise, let’s be honest: I’m rarely surprised.


But OrchidRomance managed to surprise me more than once. First, it was the profiles. Detailed, very nice, and ID-verified. Second, it was gift delivery (not the most common feature in the industry). And third, it was the response rate—I sent 16 messages and got 14 replies, which means the rate is 87.5%! 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.