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Find a Colombian Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Find a Colombian Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Marriage migration rates to the UK are increasing—in 2022, the country admitted over 242,000 family migrants, which is 20% more compared to the rates of 2021. The Colombian community is also growing. There were around 16,000 Colombian immigrants in 2021, and not all of them entered the country on business visas. 

Simply put, British men do marry Colombian ladies. But how can a single guy meet Colombian brides, start a relationship with one of them, and end up getting a Colombian wife? Will it be cheap or expensive? What difficulties will he face? We’re going to answer all these questions in this guide. 

3 best Colombian mail-order bride & dating sites for UK singles

Dating & marriage agencies aren’t as popular as they were a few decades ago. If you’re going to find a Colombian bride, a dating site is likely to work better and cost less. Our experts have chosen the three best dating sites & mail-order bride websites that provide high-quality services and are legal in the UK. Take a look: 

La Date

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Find a Latin woman for marriage. Win her heart on GoldenBride dating site.

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On all these sites, you can meet gorgeous Colombian women. The question is: what are your priorities? Consider the key advantages of the platforms, and learn more about their policies and features from reviews (you can find them right here, on Mail-order-bride.co.uk)—that’s how you can make the right choice. 

Colombian mail-order brides: Modern concept

Is a Colombian woman looking for a husband in the UK a gold-digger? Is she motivated just by the opportunity to immigrate to a more developed country? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the short history of mail-order brides. 

For centuries, mail-order brides have been interested in marrying foreign men. European brides who married American settlers in the 17th century, along with brides from Asia, had different reasons to choose this path. But considering that there was no online communication and they couldn’t build emotional connections before they met their future husbands in real life, immigration was the only option. 

The Internet changed it all. This was the rise of the industry and the time when Latin brides, and particularly Colombian brides, were becoming more and more popular. A Colombian woman using dating services could now get to know her foreign future husband and build a relationship with him before committing to anything. She now had the power of choice.

Mari Kovanen

Modern Colombian mail-order brides are just single women who believe they can find better husbands in the UK. Usually, their motivation is explained by multiple factors, such as their attraction to British men, social and family problems in Colombia, failure to meet a marriage-minded Colombian man, desire for modernity and stability, etc. A Colombian woman isn’t compensated for her decision to marry a foreigner and agrees to take a relationship to a new level only if she realizes she really found her perfect match. 


Must-know statistics about Colombian women

Colombian mail-order bride

If you’re looking for Colombian mail-order brides or brides from any other country, we’d recommend taking it seriously. Knowing some cultural peculiarities and national characteristics is important, but you should also understand what kind of society your potential girlfriend comes from and what her expectations and desires are likely to be.

In this case, figures are the most helpful, so take a look at a few interesting statistics: 

  1. There are 2.5 million singles using online dating services in Colombia, and not all of them are looking for local partners. 
  2. More than 40% of women in Colombia are at the head of the family.
  3. More than 50% of Colombian ladies participate in the labor market. 
  4. Many Colombian brides marry young. The mean age at first marriage is 22.

Colombian society is still conservative to some extent, but it’s changing. At the moment, we can say it has taken some great things from both worlds: the modern developed one and the old traditional one. 

🇨🇴 Find real Colombian girls for marriage online

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Yes, absolutely. As we’ve noted previously, Colombian mail-order brides are just single women looking for spouses online, and British law doesn’t prohibit marriages for people who’ve met on the Internet. For them, the procedure will be the same as for all other marriage migrants.

Colombian brides who are going to marry British men will need to apply for a Marriage Visitor visa, and the only way to obtain it is to prove that your relationship is authentic and you both can legally get married. 

Note that now the procedure is much simpler than just a few years ago. In the late 90s, one of the toughest British migration laws (the PPR law) was abolished, and since then, foreign spouses can enter the country more or less easily, get married within six months, and then apply for permanent residence.   

How much are Colombian mail-order wives? 

Colombian women don’t get paid either by dating agencies, dating sites, or their husbands. You can’t pay a fixed price, meet beautiful Colombian women, and marry one of them—things don’t work like that. 

In reality, a man searching for a Colombian wife will need to pay for online dating services, trips to Colombia, visas, and other things. If so, what are Colombian mail-order brides prices? In each case, they’ll be different, but we can still calculate the approximate minimum costs: 

Membership/credits on an online dating site – £600
Round-trip flight to Colombia (from London to Bogota) – £600
Three-week trip to Colombia (hotel, food, entertainment, transportation) – £1,500
Visa for a Colombian bride – £1,800
Minimum cost of gifts & wedding (a marriage license and a dinner) – £1,000
Total – £5,500


So, men who want to meet Colombian women can expect to spend around £5,500 on average. Still, the total cost may be much higher or a bit lower. Below, we’re talking about the things it will depend on. 

💻 Dating sites: How much for the services? 

Some may say that dating sites can be free. We’re not going to argue about that—of course, you can just create a Tinder account and look for matches in Colombia, but the truth is the success rate of such a strategy is much lower. Where it’s really high is on those websites that are designed exclusively for Latin/Colombian singles and Westerners. However, such niche platforms are never free. 

Moreover, there’s another important thing to stress. On platforms that provide international dating services, users (often male users only) pay for credits instead of monthly memberships. The credits can be spent on messaging, letters, video calls, phone calls, gifts (virtual or real), etc. This means your spending largely depends on your actions and choices (how many conversations you start, what features you use, how often you are using expensive features, etc.).

Does the cost of the credit determine the cost of online dating services? Yes, but that’s not the only factor to consider. For example, on top sites, the costs of credits may range from £0.05 per credit to £3+ pounds per credit. However, the costs for using certain features, for example, messaging, may also range from 10 to 0.25 credits per minute. Usually, the higher the price of the credit package, the lower the costs of the basic features. So, in general, prices are more or less the same.

Therefore, it’s important to find a site that is transparent about the prices of all features and has no hidden costs. Take a look at the price list, spend your free credits to see how much dating will cost you, and you’ll be able to plan a budget. 

Overall, most men spend around £100 a month, and if it takes six months for you to find a girlfriend, you’ll spend around £600. 

✈️ Travel expenses: Offline dates will cost money

Here’s the golden rule of mail-order bride dating—you will need to meet a woman you found online in real life sooner or later. Some assume that’s not necessary, but in reality, a couple who’s never met offline just won’t be able to get married—a visa won’t be issued. 

If so, how much do men pay to meet Colombian girls in real life? The truth is it will depend on multiple factors, namely: 

  1. How often you go to Colombia to meet your girlfriend
  2. For how long you stay in the country 
  3. How much money you spend on hotels, restaurants, and entertainment 
  4. The time you choose for your trips and the cost of tickets 

For example, in February, you can get a round-trip ticket from London to Bogota for around £600, but if you go in April, you’ll pay £900. Note that you usually have to take a few trips before you decide to propose, so you should plan your budget accordingly. 

📋 The serious step: Costs of visas

You can meet single Colombian women online and just go with the flow, but if you’re looking for mail-order brides, you probably expect things to move faster. That’s why considering the visa costs absolutely makes sense, and the good news is that these costs are usually fixed. In particular, a foreign spouse visa will cost you £1,800 if your bride is currently based in Colombia and just £1,000 if she’s currently living in the United Kingdom. 

❤️ Spending on romance: Optional expenses

Men looking for Colombian wives don’t have to spend a fortune on gifts—that’s nothing but a stereotype. However, we’d recommend considering your dating style and adding the costs of cute gestures and nice surprises to your list of expenses. 

The costs of gifts on dating sites (yes, some top platforms also provide real gift delivery services) vary, but they are always higher compared to prices of items in regular stores, and we wouldn’t recommend basing your dating strategy on them. Just give small presents from time to time, and that will cost you less than £500. 

Another huge expenditure is the wedding. Again, think twice before you start planning a big party. It may cost you more than all the other services you use to find a Colombian wife combined.  

Success stories of men who found Colombian brides through mail-order bride services in the UK

Clara and Blake
Clara and Blake

When I told my friends I was going to find a Latin bride online, they said I was crazy. They said she was going to be materialistic and greedy and that she’d leave me once she met a hot fitness instructor. 

I made this decision eight years ago, and I’ve been happily married to a dream woman for over five years, so I think I beat everyone’s skepticism. I wasn’t looking for a Colombian girl who was 20 years younger than me. I was looking for a soulmate. 

I spent £2,000 on dating sites, some of which were fairly horrible, and met a few great people and lots of scammers—but I found her. She was the kindest, the most beautiful, and the most optimistic woman I’ve ever met. She had two children—no problem for me. She didn’t speak English—no problem for me, we have Google Translate. In the end, it all paid off. Now, she still has problems with taking my money. Now, we are a happy family of five. I’m just happy that it was my decision—obviously, the right one. 

How to communicate with Colombian women

Colombian woman

Contrary to common belief, there are no common rules you have to follow to win the heart of one of the Latin brides. However, considering cultural peculiarities may be a serious advantage, and if you’re planning to approach beautiful Colombian women online or offline, these simple recommendations may be really helpful: 

  1. Show you’re serious about your relationship. It’s especially appreciated if you met a Colombian bride online, on a site designed exclusively for marriage-minded singles.
  2. Never disappear or try to make her jealous. That will be interpreted as a lack of interest or, in the second case, result in a conflict or breakup.
  3. Show respect for her culture. Don’t act like you’re from a better country. Colombian women are patriotic, so that’s a winning strategy. 
  4. Demonstrate a genuine interest in personality. Colombian women are tired of hypersexualization. Show you that you are interested in something more important than her sexuality. 
  5. Public displays of affection work. If you want to marry a Colombian bride in the near future, introduce her to friends and family and get Instagram and Facebook official. 

There are a lot of beautiful Colombian women, and many are attracted to British men. If you’ve already weighed all the pros and cons and realized that you have a good chance of finding love in Colombia, do some research, choose the right site, and make conscious and rational choices—and you’re bound to succeed.