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Find a Thai Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Find a Thai Mail-Order Bride Online — A Guide for UK Men

Do Thai mail-order brides still exist now, in 2024? Yes, they do. On top of that, among all the Asian marriage migrants, they are one of the largest groups

Generally speaking, every single British man has a real chance to meet Thai brides, start a relationship with one of them, and in the end, legally marry his Thai girlfriend in the UK. But this scenario becomes possible only if you develop a good strategy, and in this guide, we’ll tell you how to do it easily, have a great experience, and avoid all the pitfalls. 

3 Best Thailand mail order bride & dating sites for UK singles

If you are going to meet online brides from a particular country, you’ll need to choose a good niche dating website or a mail-order bride site.  There are multiple platforms designed to connect British men with brides from Thailand, and our experts have chosen the best websites that are legal in the UK. 


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Each site can be rather effective for a man looking for an Asian mail-order bride. You only need to set your priorities, learn more about each option, and then make your choice. 

Thailand brides: Modern concept

Thai mail-order bride

If you google something like “Thai brides for sale,” you’ll see ads from some companies, but you should never trust them. These are either scams or fake offers. In reality, modern brides don’t receive any kind of compensation for their decision to marry British men. If so, who are modern Thai wives? 

Mari Kovanen

A modern Thai bride is a single woman who has her own reasons to search for love abroad, and in particular, in the United Kingdom. In most cases, her motivation is explained by negative previous relationship experiences, Western cultural impact, and positive stereotypes about British men, which often turn out to be true. She joins niche dating websites voluntarily and is consciously looking for a man who meets her expectations of a perfect partner. A modern bride from Thailand wants to build an authentic relationship online and then offline.

Statistics you didn’t know about Thai women

If you’re going to find a future spouse in Thailand, take a look at a few interesting figures first: 

  1. There are 1,000 females for just 966 males in Thailand. 
  2. In 2022, there were around 800,000 female higher education students in Thailand compared to only 570,000 male students. 
  3. The mean age at first marriage for women is 25 years old. 
  4. The fertility rate in Thailand is 1.4 births per woman. 

As you can see, there are some real reasons why Thai women may be looking for spouses in the UK and other countries. Also, they prefer to marry young, but not all of them want to have big families with 3+ children. 

Thai brides are just foreign citizens who want to marry British citizens, so yes, they are legal. The law doesn’t care much about how you met each other. The law cares only about whether or not you meet the requirements for a foreign partner visa. If everything is alright and you are able to prove that you can provide for a foreign spouse and that you’ve met in real life, your Thai bride will be able to legally enter the country, marry you, and stay. 

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How much do Thai mail-order brides cost?

How much do Thai mail-order brides cost? That’s a tricky question. You can’t buy a Thai bride, but you’ll need to pay for multiple services to find a girlfriend in Thailand, start a long-distance relationship with her first, then meet her offline, and marry her if everything goes right. A lot will depend on your choices, but we can still estimate the minimum costs.

  • Approximate cost of online dating services (6 months) — £600
  • Round-trip flight to Thailand, Bangkok — £500
  • Three weeks in Thailand (food, hotel, transportation, entertainment) — £1,200
  • Foreign partner visa for a bride — £1,800
  • Gifts & minimum cost of a wedding (without a ceremony) — £1,000
  • Total minimum cost of a Thai bride in the UK — £5,100

Basically, you can find a wife in Thailand and spend just £5,000, but that’s not always the case. A lot will depend on the decisions you make at every phase of your dating journey, and we’re going to explain how it works below. 

💻 Cost of online dating services

First of all, it’s the type of dating site you’re going to use and its pricing policy. If you’re serious about finding a Thai bride, niche Asian dating sites and Asian mail-order bride sites will work best, but on such platforms, members buy credits or coins that can be spent on different services. 

For example, on the sites that we’ve mentioned at the beginning of our guide, the costs start at around £2.99 for 20 or 30 credits. However, the costs of using different features (live chat, Letter service, audio and video messaging, etc.) are different, too. 

So, the total cost will depend on a few main things, namely: 

  • How long you use the site for
  • Specific features you are using most frequently
  • Number of members you communicate with 
  • Prices set by the company

If you choose one of the sites from our ranking, you will be likely to spend around £100 monthly. So, if it takes around six months for you to find a Thai bride, you’ll spend £600. 

✈️ Travel costs explained

Thailand isn’t the most expensive Asian country, and that’s good news for all travelers. A mid-range traveler is likely to spend around £13 on meals, £45 on hotels, and £15 on entertainment per day. 

Nonetheless, you can spend 5x more if you prefer luxury places and exclusive services. Also, we’d recommend you consider the following: 

  1. The more trips, the higher the total cost of a Thai bride.
  2. The longer the trips, the more you spend.
  3. The hotter the season, the higher the cost of tickets.

Decide what will be more beneficial for you, fewer longer trips or more frequent short trips, and get ready to make serious decisions earlier than they are usually made. That’s how things in the mail-order bride world work. 

📋 Price of a visa

In this particular case, you don’t have to make any decisions. A foreign partner visa costs £1,800 for a foreign citizen outside the UK, and it’s £800 cheaper for people who are already in the country. 

❤️ How much for romance?

In this case, everything depends on you. You can spend around £500 on cute gifts and nice gestures or it can be thousands of pounds. The same goes for the wedding. You may pay £20,000 or spend £500 on a great romantic dinner. Just plan your budget accordingly. 

Success stories who found Thai love through mail-order bride services in the UK


I faced a lot of skepticism and criticism when I told my friends and family that I was going to marry a Thai girl I’d met online and seen just once in four months of dating. She only needs your money, they said. Well, I think five years of happy marriage prove they were wrong. Yes, it was love at first sight, and I decided to trust my feelings for the very first time in my life. 

She seemed to be the most loving, cutest, smartest woman I’ve ever met, and now I realize she’s even more perfect. Cultural differences mean nothing if you find your soulmate. We went through a lot together, but the country and my family finally accepted her, and our life together was worth the effort.

Potential challenges of dating a Thai bride 

Binational relationships may be very satisfying. A lot of British men find true love in Thailand, but the truth is that nothing is perfect. There are certain difficulties you may face if you choose this path, namely: 

  1. Mail-order bride stigma. It’s inevitable—some people will still think that your age difference or just the fact that you’ve found a foreign wife is unacceptable. The only good strategy in this case is to ignore other people’s opinions. 
  2. Long-distance dating. You can’t meet a Thai girl you like online and then see her at a local bar that same week. You’ll need to build that emotional bond online first, and that requires some patience. 
  3. Cultural barriers. You may have different views of certain things, from the wedding ceremony to celebrating holidays or making dinner for your friends. Just talk and listen to each other, and you’ll find compromises.

There are a lot of Thai brides in England, and all of them have already found their love. If you think that you can be happy with a Thai woman, take the first step. If you make wise and informed decisions, you can end up marrying a Thai girl just one year after you join a Thai dating site. 

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