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AmourFactory is one of the oldest international dating sites available worldwide. However, unlike many similar platforms that failed to withstand the competition, it’s still going strong. 

I decided to find out what’s good and what’s not so good about it, so I set up an account, got some credits, and started communicating with members. What was my experience like? Keep reading my AmourFactory review to find out. 

Monthly visits135,000
PriceFrom £2.40 for 20 credits to £119 for 750 credits
Average age of members41
Best forMeeting singles worldwide
Finding a partner in Eastern and Central Europe 
Cross-cultural communication, flirting, and friendship
Favorite featuresFeed & followers
Instant messaging

AmourFactory overview in 1 minute

  • One of the oldest international dating sites created to help people find romantic partners overseas
  • Unlike most similar sites, AmourFactory isn’t focused on one region only and accepts members worldwide
  • Over 50% of female members still come from Europe, while nearly 80% of male users are from Western countries 
  • Members may have different purposes for using the site, but the vast majority of users are looking for romantic relationships
  • The site isn’t completely free; though there are quite many free features, members need to get and spend credits to have private conversations with others
  • The costs of credits start at around £0.20 per credit
  • The user is the only person who decides whether and when to buy credits 
  • No mobile app at the moment, but AmourFactory is available on most mobile browsers

How much does AmourFactory cost?

You won’t be able to buy a premium plan on Amour Factory, but you’ll be offered credits instead. At the moment, the prices of the main credit packs are as follows: 

£ 8
£2.40 for all newcomers
20 credits
Special Offer
£ 16
50 credits
£ 36
125 credits
£ 56
250 credits
£ 119
750 credits

AmourFactory.com doesn’t fall under the category of cheap sites, but it’s also not one of the sites where you’ll have to pay right when you set up an account. After you fill in the registration form, take a quiz, and add a photo, you’ll get 20 free credits to spend on conversations with the members you like. 

AmourFactory cos

Free and premium services on AmourFactory

Looking through multiple AmourFactory.com reviews wasn’t enough for me to understand what I’m going to pay for and which services will be free for me. So, I created my own lists of free and premium features. 

Free AmourFactory features

  • Profile creation and upgrade. You don’t pay for anything in the early stages. Moreover, unlike some other platforms, AmourFactory doesn’t make you pay for adding more photos, highlighting your profile, or writing a more detailed bio. 
  • Search and access to profiles. There are multiple search features (I’m going to talk about them in a bit more detail below), and all of them are completely free to use. 
  • Followers and Newsfeed. The site works as a social media platform, too, and just like the good old Instagram, it lets you follow anyone and view posts without any limitations. 
  • Basic communication features and favorites. Though you can’t have direct private conversations with members as a Standard user, you can send likes and winks and add profiles to Favorites so that other members are notified about your interest. 
Newsfeed feature on AmourFactory

Premium AmourFactory features:

  • Live chat and Mail service. What do you like more, texting or writing and reading long meaningful emails? On AmourFactory.com, you can choose and switch between these communication features. 
  • Exchange of media files and access to videos. Regardless of what communication tool you prefer, you’ll always be ready to send and receive a photo, video, custom sticker, or audio message. Also, as a paying user, you’ll be able to watch profile videos. 
  • Gifts. Now members can only send virtual gifts (most are very well-designed yet not cheap), but the company claims that members will soon be able to send real gifts, too. 
Gifts - Premium AmourFactory feature

All in all, though AmourFactory isn’t promoted as the site to find Russian mail-order brides or anything like that, it has all the features that top niche international sites where people are seeking serious relationships usually have. 

How does AmourFactory work?

Is AmourFactory legit? Well, it has detailed profiles, multiple features, a good moderation system, and a transparent pricing policy. That’s enough to categorize it as a legitimate site. However, I’d like to stress that it’s a complex ecosystem that may work in one or another way depending on your choices at each important stage, namely:

Self-representation on Amour Factory
It matters a lot, actually. There’s everything you may need to let others know who you are and who you are looking for, from the personality test to the opportunity to add any details, photos, and videos. At this stage, I’d recommend everyone who’s going to use the site to set their priorities and then complete their profile accordingly. That will help narrow down the search to the best matches only.
Meeting new people
Speaking of the best matches, there are a few ways to find them. In particular, you can just view the Newsfeed posts, follow someone, and contact someone if you find them attractive. Or you can use the People feature or apply the search filters to see members that algorithms may suggest to you based on your specific preferences.
Communication with other members
What would you prefer, chatting with many people or finding a long-term partner? Do you feel awkward when writing and reading long love letters, or do you think that’s still the best way to build a deep emotional connection? Again, there are a lot of opportunities for customization so you can get a perfect experience.

All in all, the algorithm is simple. You need to learn about all the options, for example, the ways to discover new potential matches, and choose the ones that are likely to work best for you personally. 

AmourFactory profile examples

I definitely can’t complain about the quality of profiles on the site. Of course, much depends on the user, but it seems that all low-effort profiles are just suspended by moderators. 

So, what does an AmourFactory profile look like? Here’s one of the pages that I liked best. 

AmourFactory profile
AmourFactory profile example

As you can see, this lady has it all: a profile video, multiple photos, a good bio, all the personal details, and most importantly, lots of posts shared on AmourFactory.com. Of course, not all profiles on the site are that detailed. Some are missing profile videos, and some are missing posts as their owners aren’t as active on the site, but in 90% of cases, you’ll learn enough about the person to decide whether to contact them and spend some credits. 

Summary from Mari Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

After reading multiple AmourFactory reviews and spending a lot of time on the site, I have to draw some conclusions. Well, to me, it’s an interesting, rather versatile platform that is likely to work most effectively for those who are seeking long-term romantic relationships rather than short-term relationships and hookups.


AmourFactory has similar features as top niche sites created to connect you with your future spouse. Can you meet Czech brides here? Or maybe it’s the right place to find a Romanian mail-order bride? I’d rather say that meeting European singles here is absolutely possible, many are seeking serious relationships, but as usual, there’s a price to pay. It’s not a cheap site, so I’d recommend it to you only if you’re genuinely serious about finding love abroad. 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
Hi, I'm Dr. Mari Kovanen, a therapist, dating expert, and chief author at Mail-order-bride.co.uk. I write most dating guides for Mail-order-bride.co.uk and I'm also responsible for giving online dating advice to singles who are planning to use international dating websites to find love overseas.