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Top 5 countries with the most beautiful women

Top 5 countries with the most beautiful women

Is beauty subjective, relative, or objective? People argue about it all the time. Still, it’s hard to deny that we have certain standards and all those beauty pageants where the most attractive women from different countries are crowned. 

What country has the most beautiful women? We don’t have a consensus here either. But we can distinguish 3 places where most attractive ladies come from. Currently, these are: 

  1. Venezuela
  2. Ukraine
  3. Vietnam

Want to learn more about local women or see other countries with attractive girls? Then read on! 

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5 countries with the most beautiful women

You’ll need to choose the country with the most beautiful women yourself. We, in turn, will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice. 


Venezuela with the most beautiful women

Did you know that Venezuela is the country with the most beauty crowns in all the most prestigious beauty pageants? It can be rightfully called the country with the most beautiful women in the world. What are the reasons for such a big success and recognition? Some say it’s genetics (mixed genes of different nations), strict beauty standards, climate, etc.

Still, the fact is that a lot of men dream of finding a Venezuelan wife, and of course, it’s not only because of the outer beauty.

What you should know about Venezuelan women:
  • Venezuelan women care much about their appearance
  • Most are very family- and marriage-minded
  • Most still marry young to partners they can fully rely on
  • Kindness, hospitality, friendliness, and tolerance are very common
  • They’re emotional but not “passionate” in the stereotypical sense of the world


Ukraine with the most beautiful women

Much can be said about Ukraine, but one of the first things that usually comes to one’s mind is the beauty of local women. Many become mail-order brides and marry Westerners, including men from the UK, so basically, every guy has a real chance to start a relationship with a Ukrainian. 

What is a mail-order bride, though? Aren’t those foreign brides just gold-diggers? No, they aren’t. Ukrainians live between two worlds, the old traditional and the progressive modern one. They intermarry because from Western men, they get what they want—family and modernity in a relationship. Should you search for a Ukrainian bride? Take a look at the list below and then make a decision. 

What you should know about Ukrainian women:
  • Local women care a lot about their appearance, and visiting beauty salons is a routine.
  • Most Ukrainian girls have at least a bachelor’s degree, but nearly all still put family first.
  • Most singles you can meet online or offline are employed.
  • Ukrainian women are pretty direct and may seem unfriendly, but they turn out to be the kindest people once you get to know them better. 


Vietnam with the most beautiful women

The new star is born in Asia, and it’s Vietnam—for many, it’s a new country with the most beautiful women. If you take a look at the photos of the beauty queens of Vietnam, you’ll see why men start going crazy about Vietnamese brides shifting their attention from other popular Asians. 

Of course, beautiful hair, pleasant facial features, and gorgeous bodies aren’t the only things that attract men. Vietnamese women are also known for their great temper and optimism. 

What you should know about Vietnamese women:
  • Beauty standards in Vietnam aren’t super strict, but women still make an effort to look gorgeous.
  • Vietnamese girls are rightly considered to be some of the most sociable women in Asia.
  • Women in Vietnam often have more responsibilities than men both at home and at work.
  • They are super-kind and family-minded but still independent and self-reliant.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico with the most beautiful women

What’s known about Puerto Ricans? Plenty of things. But if you ask someone who’s been there what was the first thing that they noticed, a man is very likely to mention the beauty of local women. Well, it’s confirmed statistically.  

Puerto Rico has 5 Miss Universe winners, 2 Miss World winners, and 2 Miss International winners. If that doesn’t impress you, take a look at the least of the most common personality traits that make Puerto Rican women completely irresistible.

What you should know about Puerto Rican women:
  • Puerto Rican women have that classic, natural Latin beauty. 
  • They are very romantic—loving love is a social norm, and so is being romantic.
  • Most girls from Puerto Rico are bilingual, open-minded, and very sociable.
  • They’re also a bit loud, cheerful, and very optimistic.

South Korea

South Korea with the most beautiful women

South Korean men and women are literally and figuratively the new idols for millions of people all over the world. Their show business doesn’t even try to hide the fact that the popularity of their stars is explained by tons of hard work and ultimate beauty. 

Beauty standards for K-pop idols are bloody high, while standards for other women are just high. It’s hard to say that such a competitive environment and lots of pressure are a good thing. But the fact is that South Korean girls are the cutest, nearly perfect, and absolutely charming human beings. 

What you should know about South Korean women:
  • South Korean girls have complex beauty routines and diets to look absolutely gorgeous.
  • The vast majority of local women are well-educated and engaged in the economy. 
  • They live in a male-dominated country, and a quite conservative one, so many are seeking modernity in a relationship. 
  • South Korean women are perfectly mannered and may be quite shy, but they also easily get emotional. 

So, these are the places where you can meet the most beautiful women. The country, though, can only be chosen by you. After all, it’s just a matter of taste. Beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. The main idea is to choose what you like best. 

Pro tip

If you are considering finding a future wife and not just a short-term girlfriend, consider other parameters besides beauty. Undoubtedly, the above-listed countries have very unique cultures, each amazing in its own way. 

However, you’ll need to make sure you’re going to become a part of that culture and will be able to cope with all the cultural differences. Research may be time-consuming, but in the end, it’s always worth it.

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