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Bravodate.com is a rather old and popular website created exclusively for European singles and Westerners seeking cross-cultural communication and looking for romantic partners in other countries. 

There are quite a lot of websites like Bravodate, but many can’t attract enough users and withstand competition. I decided to join the site to see what it offers to members, and I’m going to share all my findings in this Bravodate review. 

Monthly visits1M
PriceFrom £2.30 for 20 credits to £118.50 for 750 credits
Average age of members32
Best forCross-cultural communication
Cross-cultural dating
Meeting Latin singles
Favorite featuresFollowers 
Instant messaging
Virtual and real gifts

BravoDate overview in 1 minute

  • The platform was launched over five years ago, and since then, its number of monthly visits has grown to over 1 million
  • Most female members are from Central and Eastern Europe, while most male users are from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Meeting Slavic men and Western women on BravoDate is possible, too
  • The site isn’t promoted as a place to find a Ukrainian wife, meet Polish brides, etc. as members may have different purposes for using the site
  • Though members can join to enjoy cross-cultural communication, meet friends, find companions for traveling, etc., most are interested in romantic relationships
  • The site is partially free as there are multiple standard features, but users still pay for direct communication
  • There are no premium plans—users buy credits to pay for using premium services
  • Search and access to profiles are free, while messaging will cost credits
  • The site can also be used as a social media platform as members can follow each other and share posts
  • No BravoDate app, but the mobile version of the site is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers
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How much does BravoDate cost?

You’ll get BravoDate free credits right after you sign up and will be able to spend them on any premium features just to test the services. It’s only 20 credits, so you’ll run out of them rather soon. When that happens, you’ll be able to buy more, and the prices will be as follows: 

$ 7.90
£2.30 for new members
20 credits
Special Offer
$ 15.80
50 credits
$ 35.50
125 credits
$ 55.30
250 credits
$ 118.50
750 credits

There may be more special seasonal discounts. Note that you control the spending on the site, and you can also turn the automatic top-up feature on and off. 

Free and paid services on BravoDate 

If you look through BravoDate reviews, you won’t see which features are free and paid. Some BravoDate complaints are about being charged for using certain services. That’s why I decided to systematize information on free and premium features. Take a look at the list, and you’ll see what you will pay for on the site. 

Free services

  • Access to profiles. Once you set up an account, you automatically unlock full access to all user profiles, public photos (there are usually more of them than private pictures), posts, etc. 
  • Search and followers. There are multiple search features and the opportunity to follow anyone you see on the site. Access to posts of all members on the Feed is free and unlimited, too. 
  • Reading messages & Mails. You can’t send messages for free, but if someone contacts you, you’ll be able to read them. 
  • Winks & likes. If you like someone but don’t want to spend credits, you can send a like or a wink and see if another member does the same thing. 
  • Support. It’s free and available 24/7. 

Premium services

  • Chats & Mails. Regardless of what you prefer, instant messaging or long and meaningful emails, you’ll need to spend some credits on starting a conversation with another user. 
  • Exchange of media files. Members can send video files, photos, custom stickers, etc., but there’ll be some extra charges. 
  • Watching videos. Though you can see nearly all information on user profiles, you’ll need to spend some credits on watching introductory videos. 
  • Sending gifts. There are both virtual gifts and real items you can send to someone you like. 
paid services on BravoDate

Is BravoDate legit? Yes, considering the variety of features, it’s a legit dating site. Still, this information isn’t enough to see whether it will work for you, so if you consider using the platform, read on. I’m going to share more insights below. 

How does BravoDate work?

What is BravoDate? It’s a versatile half-dating and half-communication platform for Eastern & Central European singles and Westerners. It’s a rather complex system, but we can still distinguish a few main processes:

Joining the community and representing yourself
It’s free and doesn’t take much time, but the entire process consists of a few main stages. First of all, you share basic information—your email (it will be your BravoDate login), name, age, and gender. Then, move on to the quiz with multiple questions about you and the person you’d like to meet on BravoDate. Then, go to Profile Settings and add more photos and details, if necessary. That’s necessary to get enough attention on the site. At this stage, you don’t spend any credits.
Getting acquainted with members, searching for a perfect match
Once you have a great profile, it’s time to see others. You can browse the Search page with profiles, apply basic search filters, see posts on the feed, and use the swiping feature on the People page. There are a lot of ways to find potential partners and learn more about the community at large.
Direct communication with others
You can start conversations in real time or send Mails (long letters up to 3k characters each), send videos and photos, as well as real and virtual gifts.

All in all, BravoDate is a highly customizable platform. You can see the prices of using different features on the Credits page, you can choose among multiple search and communication features, and you can easily adapt your dating strategy to meet your specific goal. 

BravoDate profile examples

Most profiles on the site are very detailed. Obviously, moderators suspend all the suspicious and low-effort pages, so you’re unlikely to face a BravoDate scam (I’d still recommend following all the safety rules, though—there are no 100% safe dating sites). 

Here’s what a more or less typical BravoDate profile looks like: 

BravoDate profile example
BravoDate profile
BravoDate female profile

As you can see, there’s a short bio, albums with public photos and some secret photos, a profile video, and basic information about the member’s relationship status, relationship expectations, and personality. Note that not all users have introductory videos. What I liked best is that you can see how active the member is on the site as all the previous posts are shown on a profile page, too. 

Summary from Mari Kovanen

Mari Kovanen

So, what’s the verdict of my Bravodate.com review? Though it may seem that it’s a niche platform for meeting Eastern European brides, it isn’t positioned that way. It’s rather the site for meeting Western or Slavic singles and communicating with them, but the truth is that it’s still rather effective for those who are seeking long-term romantic relationships. I talked to many members, and that’s what most were looking for on the site. 


A lot will depend on how you are using the site, and it’s definitely not a free platform. Still, you can join BravoDate without paying, see who members are, spend your free credits, and then make a final decision whether to use or not use the site. 

Mari Kovanen
Dating Expert
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