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How to Meet Foreign Women Online

How to Meet Foreign Women Online

The number of foreign marriage migrants to the UK, especially female migrants, has skyrocketed over the last few years. It increased by 20% from 2019 to 2022, rising to 242,000 foreign brides and grooms in total. 

What do these statistics tell us? Yes, a lot of singles in the United Kingdom meet foreign women and men and marry their partners without any difficulty. But how exactly do they do it? 

We did our research and distinguished a few best ways to finally change your relationship status to “happily married,” so take a look! 

1. Use reputable international dating sites

If you’re going to meet foreign women in the UK but aren’t ready to leave the country for a long time, this will be your number one option. Why? The reason is very simple. These places are the only sites on the web that were designed exclusively for Westerners and foreign women looking for husbands in other countries. This fact alone increases the chance of finding a future spouse by hundreds of percent. 


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But it will work only if you choose the right website, and here are some clues to do it easily:

  1. Do background research on top mail-order bride countries (we’ll mention the best countries in the following paragraphs) and choose the place where you’d like to find a future spouse. 
  2. Search for top mail-order bride sites with female members from the chosen location. 
  3. Do deeper research on each site, paying special attention to moderation, security, quality of profiles, number and quality of communication features, reputation, and pricing. 
  4. Join a few best sites to test the free versions and then make your final choice. 
  5. Use search & matching features to find your best potential partners and communicate until you find a girlfriend you’ll want to meet in real life.

Still, such websites aren’t perfect. They have both advantages and disadvantages, and we’ve listed the most important ones below. 

Pros & cons of international dating sites:

  • You get directly connected to foreign brides or single women
  • Women on such sites aren’t seeking something casual and are ready to make serious decisions
  • There are great searching and matching algorithms
  • Profiles are more detailed and moderation rules are stricter than on mainstream apps and sites 
  • There are more advanced communication features like video calls, scheduled international phone calls, gift delivery, and more
  • Such websites are never free and rarely cheap
  • Search for a perfect platform is likely to be time-consuming
  • You still need to start a long-distance relationship first 

If you feel like that’s the perfect option you’ve been initially looking for but don’t know how to get started, take at our ranking of top international sites. They were chosen by our top experts based on the most important criteria like the profile quality, moderation procedure, pricing policy, and the quality of features. 

2. Try social media platforms

Niche dating sites are great, but they have their drawbacks. In particular, they aren’t free. Social media and networking sites, in turn, let you find foreign women without spending a penny. 

Though not initially designed for dating, the following platforms may help you meet someone special: 

  • Instagram. Hashtags, pages with lots of photos and stories—Instagram is nearly perfect for finding love. However, members, especially pretty women, are usually rather skeptical about foreign guys approaching them online. 
  • Facebook. Facebook may be as effective as Instagram, and the problems are basically the same. 
  • Reddit, Quora, and other forum sites. These are the platforms where people communicate in English a lot, and it’s really easy to meet someone who shares your views on important things if you participate in specific threads and discussions. 

Generally speaking, there are a few common problems with social media sites. First of all, not all foreign women registered on Instagram and other platforms speak English, are single, and are looking for a boyfriend in the United Kingdom. 

But there are some serious benefits, as well. Such sites are entirely free, and they contain gigabytes of information shared by every active member, and the user bases are beyond any competition. 

You can meet single foreign women not only on the sites that were designed only for people seeking new romantic partners overseas. Top “mainstream” apps also have members all over the world. In particular, you can consider joining such platforms as: 

  • Tinder. Tinder is huge in nearly every country in the world. Moreover, it’s free to use, and the system itself is simple yet really effective. Though it has the reputation of a hookup app, thousands of couples worldwide still find long-term partners on this particular site. 
  • Hinge. If you’re definitely into serious and lasting relationships, Hinge will be one of the best apps to choose. The company offers a one-month free premium plan for everyone and has some of the best matching algorithms in this market. 
  • Bumble. Bumble is quite similar to Tinder except for one important thing. On this app, women make the first move. 

Such sites have multiple positives. Most can be used for free, there are a lot of potential matches in most countries of the world, and some sites have rather good security and moderation systems. However, the reply rate is likely to be lower compared to niche international sites just because most members are seeking partners in their area. 

4. Embrace your interests & join online gaming communities

Today we have another great way to meet other people, make friends, and find love. If you consider yourself a gamer, you can just communicate with other gamers more, enjoy expanding your social circles, and yes, improve your chance of finding love. 

Most members of the online gaming community speak English, so you’ll hardly face any serious barriers. You don’t even have to ask strangers for their contact details. Use Discord—the best social media platform for gamers ever. 

Choosing the best country with single foreign women: How not to go wrong

Generally speaking, there are the three top regions to find a foreign spouse. These are Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. We’d recommend doing deeper research on national cultures, the most common qualities and personality traits of locals, and attitudes towards relationships and family. 

The good news is you can find all this information here. Moreover, we’ve made a list of the countries where most men in the United Kingdom find their foreign wives. 

Top 5 countries to find foreign women

At the moment, the top foreign countries for dating are as follows: 

  1. The Philippines — this is the country where most Asian brides come from
  2. Ukraine — the best place to find Eastern European brides online 
  3. Brazil — the most popular country to meet Latin women for marriage in the UK
  4. China — a place where tradition meets modernity
  5. Thailand — not just a tourist destination but also a country to find a serious relationship

Filipino women are known as the most caring wives, women from Ukraine are family-minded and perfectly educated, girls in Brazil are passionate yet devoted to long-term partners, and brides from China and Thailand are really affectionate. These are generalizations, of course, but they still are based on the actual characteristics of different nations. Again, you can learn more about mail-order brides from different countries from our in-depth guides. 

3 tips on how to date foreign ladies

Here are the key clues, so take a look:

date foreign lady
  1. Remember that mail-order brides aren’t women for sale. Treat them with respect. 
  2. Declare your intentions but don’t put any pressure on a woman. Keep in mind that you’re building a genuine romantic relationship, so some time is needed. 
  3. Show genuine interest in her country and culture. Don’t be one of those British guys who think that developing countries aren’t worth your attention. 

Foreign brides are just women seeking true love. Treat them just like you would treat any other women you may see as romantic partners. 

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